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Acadia University       Open House : Friday October 20 and Friday November 3 at 8:30 a.m
NSCC  Open House Thursday October 19th:  9 a.m. to 7 p.m.  RHS will taking students to the day open house.  You can go with your parents as well after school. If you want to go with guidance, please sign up immedately in guidance.
CBU Open House - October 14th from 2 to 5. 




The following links regarding student assistance may be accessed online at :



Grade 12 students who have accepted scholarships and want these read at the graduation exercises must share those details with the guidance secretary. Please supply a photocopy of your scholarship details.

Scholarship websites are a good way to find information. There is also scholarship information on university and college websites.  Some useful websites are below:

Go to to see some of the opportunities available through the new ship building contract in Halifax. is a site whose purpose is to introduce students to grant, scholarship and bursary funding, as well as employment and internship opportunities. They also have a blog directly on their site which provides news and information pertaining to students, such as resume tips.

Encounters with Canada. This is an opportunity for students ages 14-17 to spend a week in Ottawa expanding their knowledge of Canada’s culture and heritage, exploring potential career options and developing new skills. To view the program online go to . Interested students must be recommended by the school guidance counselor. is a local website about teens and drugs, alcohol and health issues. Lots of useful information for students and parents can be found on this site.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT FINAL TRANSCRIPTS. Grade 12 students will get an official transcript of their final marks with their diplomas on graduation night and are responsible to send this transcript to the college or university they plan to attend in the fall. It is important that students take care of this task because your acceptance is based on your final grades!!


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