Exam Schedule


January 24 - 31, 2019



Day  Thursday Friday Monday Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday 
Date 24 25 28 29 30 31




School cancelled

due to power outage

Virtual Schools Exams


Grade 9 French Immersion (Francais)



Conflict Day (exams missed as a result of Grade 10 English Provincial Exam)

A period courses

Grade 10 English Provincial



B period courses

C period courses


D period courses


In the event of a storm day being called during the exam schedule, the entire schedule is moved ahead and the exam that was scheduled for the cancelled day will be written the next school day.

**The date of all conflict exams are arranged by the classroom teacher and may not fall on the Conflict Exam Day. Students should confirm the date of all conflict exams with their teacher.




1. Attendance will be taken by the teacher.  Teachers send a list of “no shows” to the office.

2. All exams are written in the morning.  Exams start at 9:00am.  Students should be in their seats in their 

3. Use the washroom before entering your classroom to write your exam.

4. Before the exam starts, all students are to place all books, notebooks, binders, book bags, hats, jackets, purses, cell phones, etc., at the front of the classroom.

5. There is no borrowing permitted during an exam.  Please bring extra pens and pencils and a ruler, 

6. No food, pop, energy drinks, coffee, tea, etc., are permitted in classrooms during exams.  Bottled water 

7. Students will write their name, subject and teacher’s name on ALL papers before handing them in.

8. All exams will take place between 9:00am - 11:00am.  Students who require extra time may have an additional half hour.  Students with adaptations will have extra time as required.

9. Students must ensure that the teacher checks off their name when the completed exam is passed in.

10. Students who have finished the exam before the two hour time frame will have the opportunity to be dismissed at 10:30am (please wait for the official dismissal from the main office) providing they have made arrangements to leave the building.

11. Students are not permitted to loiter in the halls or stairways during the exam period.  Students who must remain in the building will be supervised in a general common area.

12. As per Board policy, absolutely no personal electronic devices – PEDs- (cell phones, etc.,) are permitted during an exam.  Using a PED (cell phones, etc.,) during an exam is considered COPYING.  Anyone caught copying with a PED or any other form (notes, papers, looking at someone else’s paper, etc) will receive a ZERO on their exam.

13. In the event of a school cancellation due to weather, the exam schedule will move ahead one day.  For example, if school was cancelled on Monday, January 25, due to a storm, Monday’s exam would be moved ahead to Tuesday and Tuesday’s exam to Wednesday, etc.




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