Focus on Information Technology (FIT)

Focus on Information Technology (F.I.T.) Program


What is FIT?
Focus on Information Technology (FIT) is a nationally recognized certification program designed for Canadian High School Students interested in gaining real world skills while taking their secondary school education. Created by the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC), FIT is an innovative program that allows students to gain essential Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Business skills while completing a High School Diploma.Visit:


How Does FIT work?
While students are taking their High School Diploma they can also receive the FIT certification without taking any additional credits beyond their required course load. The FIT program uses the regular high school courses in business, technology and co-op, to provide students with skills needed to pursue a career in IT. As a FIT student you will work in a team environment participating in hands-on learning projects. By completing the co-op work placement components, students can experience real work related experiences in Information Technology.


What is the purpose of taking FIT?
FIT provides students with technical training to prepare for a successful career in IT. The structured training courses and co-op component provide each student the tools needed to be successful in a career after High School and/or to further their post-secondary aspirations: whether it is technical school, two-year College or four-year College. In addition to work skills and experiences, students have the option to write industry standard certification exams such as Cisco, Microsoft, Adobe, Linux, CompTIA certifications . Students are encouraged to take the FIT Certificate along with their regular required high school courses so that they can develop the essential skills to make them marketable in entering today’s competitive job market.


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