Exam Exemption Pilot


EXAM EXEMPTION- Pilot (Year 2)


Criteria for Qualifying:


Students may be eligible to be exempt from one scheduled examination per semester. Unscheduled exams and “process” exams are not included.


1. A student who has any unexcused absence in any course may not be considered for an exemption.


2. A student who has had an out-of-school suspension does not qualify for the

attendance-incentive program. A student who has had behaviour referrals to the office may be denied exam exemption. Teachers have the discretion to refrain from signing an exam exemption form for chronic learning disruptions in the classroom (ie; chronic cell phone use).


3. In order to qualify for an exemption, the student must have completed all major assessment components for each of the courses in which she/he is enrolled. What is considered a “major assessment component” will be determined by the subject teacher, department head and school administration where necessary. An exam exemption form must be signed by all of the student’s teachers to confirm that all major assessments and tests have been completed.  


4. A student cannot be exempt from any NS Provincial exams, Common Board Exams, NS Virtual School exams, NS Dept. of Education Correspondence exams, or AP exams.


5. Grade 9 students will have a chance to qualify for exam exemption in June.

-12 absences(pro-rated per year long course that meets every day)will be used to qualify.

Students should note that for courses that meet every other day (ie; Science, Social Studies, Core French), only 6 excused absences for the year are permitted.


6. The final decision on all exam exemptions is at the discretion of the Principal.


7. A student shall not accumulate any more than:


6 excused absences in any one credit course in which the student is enrolled within any one semester(class meets every day);

6 excused absences in any one credit course in which the student is enrolled for the full year (class meets every second day);

6 excused absences in any combined half credit courses in which the student is enrolled within any one semester;

6 lates in total from all courses in one semester.


*(Math 10 is a 2 credit course and will be treated as one course each semester).


8. School related activities (ACT) do not contribute to the loss of an exam exemption.


Note: Parents/guardians must phone the school or submit a written note within 5 days to excuse an absence in order to ensure it is recorded as excused. It is important that students and parents/guardians closely monitor attendance.

Procedure & Timeline:


The qualification period for exemptions will begin Monday, September 11, 2017 for

the first semester & Friday, February 2nd, 2018 for the second semester.


Prior to the end of the semester’s regularly scheduled classes, a list of all students eligible for exam exemption and an application for an exam exemption will be available.


The exemption application form will indicate which exam the student is proposing to exempt. It must be signed by all of the student’s teachers to confirm that all major assessments have been completed, and be signed by the student and his/her parent/guardian.  

Note: Exemption eligibility will also be subject to the return of all outstanding textbooks.


Additionally, to ensure that a student keeps his or her exemption eligibility, submission of exemption forms must adhere to deadlines.


On or before the last week preceding exams, the final list of students approved for an exam exemption will be posted. After this time the school may revoke an individual’s exemption for any exceptional circumstance. Students must attend all classes until the end of the semester or the exemption can be revoked.


*******Reminder: It is the student’s responsibility to regularly monitor his/her attendance in  

Power School to ensure accuracy. Changes will not be made after the 5 day reporting period.



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