Riverview, aside from being an excellent educational institution and maintaining a close-knit and diverse culture, also supports and consists of some of the best athletes in the area. The families of sports clubs range from a golf team, to cross country runners, to basketball players, soccer players, volleyball players, and also our "Redmen" hockey team.



Riverview AAA Volleyball


Players on the following list are to continue AAA tryouts on Monday from 3:30-5:15. Those who are not on the list are to attend AA tryouts on Thursday from 4:00 - 5:30.

1. Sophie Roy
2. Courtney George
3. Kristen Lusk
4. Mari-Jo Musgrave
5. Maggie MacLeod
6. Chelsey Walsh
7. Rhyan Hardy
8. Erica Metcalf
9. Rebecca Lewis
10. Valerie McCarron
11. Chrissie Darrow
12. Kayla Dominey
13. Hannah MacKeigan
14. Nora MacLean
15. Maren MacDonald
16. Jillian MacDonald
17. Lauren MacKinnon
18. Lynaya Burke
19. Emma Graham
20. Mia Tonet
21. Fiona MacLellan
22. Ireland Harris
23. Gabby Sampson
24. Morgan MacPhail
25. Lauren MacLeod
26. Kailey MacKay
27. Josie Cummings
28. Gracie Phillipo
29. Brianna MacPhee
30. Miya Fifield









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