Youth Health Centre


Welcome to the Riverview Youth Health Centre (YHC)

57 Coxheath Road
Sydney River, N.S.  B1R 1R4

Phone:  902-563-8596
Fax:       902-563-8620

Open     Monday – Friday  Walk In or Appointment

                Nurse – Monday – Friday

                Physicians – 2 afternoons/week


Our goal:

To increase the health and well being of youth aged 12-19 in the Sydney River and surrounding area.  You do not have to be enrolled in school to attend our centre.



We care about your privacy and confidentiality.  Services are provided in a safe and confidential manner.  However, the centre is legally obligated to report:

·         Abuse (sexual, physical or emotional) and neglect of any person under age 16

·         Harm to self or others

·         All reportable communicable diseases.



·         Services provided through the Youth Health Centre include:

·         Health Education

·         Health Promotion and Prevention

·         Clinical Services

·         Referrals to other health and community services (i.e. – Mental Health, Addiction Services, Dietitian, etc.)


Information and resource material such as:

·         Sexuality

·         Healthy Lifestyles

·         Relationships

·         Self-Esteem

·         Stress

·         Birth Control

·         Nutrition

·         STI’s

·         Smoking

·         Drugs and Alcohol

·         Violence/Abuse


We believe:

In the rights of youth to make decisions regarding their health and respect their ability to take responsibility for their own health needs.

In being an advocate for and responding to the needs of youth.

YHC provide an environment, activities and services that promote health, as well as focus on health, lifestyle alternatives, education and prevention of high risk behaviors.

YHC provide an environment that is non-judgmental and empathetic.  Also where youth’s opinions are valued, their knowledge recognized and their confidentiality respected.

In facilitating communication among youth and their parents/guardians, healthcare providers, teachers and community agencies.

Youth Health Committee/Health Group

Each September we start a student/youth focused group at the health centre, usually meeting at lunch, once weekly.  The topics covered are student/youth ideas and interests.  Anyone can join at any time.



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