Make A Class Photo Book


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Author:LaDonna Portier
Grade: Elementary (May be modified for older students)
Concepts:Book making / Reading
Materials:camera & film, tag board, 3 binder rings
Activity time:20-30 minutes

At a recent Wright group workshop, our leader recommended this as a first day activity. Make a name book for the class. Take a picture of each student holding a piece of tag board with their name on it. Develop the pictures that afternoon. Glue the picure of each child onto the tagboard with their name. Use a teacher made cover and bind with binder rings. You'll have a record of the kids in the class and the children will have a book they are able to read right away. You can let the kids bring the book home to show their parents who their friends are, etc. Make sure to include a picture of yourself! (Modify for older kids)

Editor's Note: This could also be modified for use in a computer lab or in a classroom that has a few computers.