Toilet Paper Game


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Author: Kelly Evans
Grade: all
Concepts: Getting to know your classmates
Materials: two rolls of toilet paper (perforated, so it's easy to tear)
Activity time: 30 - 45 minutes

  1. Have all the students sit at their desk, without talking.
  2. Take out two rolls of TP and tell the students to "Take as much as you think you'll need." This provokes a lot of questions, but DO NOT say anything more.
  3. Send a roll around at both sides of the room (this helps the activity to move along more quickly).
  4. Once all students have taken "what they need," collect the unused TP.
  5. Now tell the students that for each square they ripped off, they have to give one fact about themselves.

TEACHER'S NOTE: My sixth graders always love this activity

Editor's Note: There are other variations of this game that use candy (M&M's, Smarties, etc.)-- you can improvise and use any material you want -- I used this with a grade 10 class (with the M&M's) and it worked great.