Back to School Kit-Teachers/Staff


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Author:  Sally Olson

A back to school kit for teachers and secretaries.

I got some cute plastic buckets with school related pictures to put
them in at Hobby Lobby. (You can use whatever you wish) 

It was as follows:

                               BACK TO SCHOOL KIT

                This Back To School Kit includes necessary items
                     to guarantee you a terrific school year.

Pipe Cleaner            Flexibility is important for a successful school                             year.

Rick Rack               This year will be full of ups and downs, but
                        eventually everything will smooth out.

Matches                 For those days when you feel you need
                        to light a fire under someone.

Wiggly Eye              Keep an eye on our students to discover
                        how best to help them. Or, for when you
                        wish you had eyes in the back of your head.

Battery                 Like the Energizer Bunny, to help you keep
                        going, and going,and going.

Animal Crackers         Eat these when you think your office is a zoo.

Jingle Bell             Ring for help if you need it, we're here to help
                        each other.

Present                 Remember our students are a gift to us.

Candy Bar               Use this whenever you need a "Sweet Escape".

Smiley Sticker          Try hard to wear a happy face.

Snowflake               When all else fails, pray for a snow day.

Flower Pot              We are here to  plant the seeds of knowledge.

Clothespin              Hang in there!!

Hole Reinforcers        Don't forget to reinforce the efforts of each other.

Pen                     You are a priceless part of (PLACE YOUR SCHOOL                               NAME HERE) School.

Orange                  "Orange" you glad you are a part of the best
                        school in YOUR TOWN OR CITY GOES HERE!!