Teachers' Professional Portfolio


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Author: Sandra Looper
Grade: all
Concepts:Items to Include in a Portfolio
Materials: n/a
Activity time: n/a

Typical items to include in a professional portfolio

         1.  Introductory Letter
        2.  Table of Contents
        3.  Resume
        4.  Transcript
        5.  Formal Evaluations
              A.  Clinical Teaching Experiences
              B.  Student Teaching
              C.  Self-Evaluation/Reflection
              D.  Supervising Teacher
              E.  Administrator (if experienced teacher) 
        6.  Philosophies
              A.  Teaching
              B.  Discipline/Classroom Management
              C.  Parent Involvement
              D.  Assessment
              E.  Multicultural
        7.  Letters of Recommendation
        8.  Competencies or Standards
        9.  Video-tape of Teaching
        10.  Personal Accomplishments/Autobiography
        11.  Student Work Samples

        Though various categories may be required, the selection
of which artifacts best supports the individual category is left 
to the teacherís discretion.  Teachers should begin collecting 
anything and everything that is indicative of educational growth 
and effective teaching practices. 

The previous information is an excerpt from my book, "So you have 
to have a portfolio".  For more informtion or to the purchase the 
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