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                         CLASS RULES

  Author: Julie

  TEACHER'S NOTE: This year I am doing something different. Usually
  I make a poster of 5 rules, but this year, I thought I'd be a little
  more grown up. I made up a poster to hang on an empty wall somewhere
  in my room and it will stay up all year:

  You have the right to:         You are responsible for:

  A safe learning environment    Maintaining a safe learning environment

  Make choices                   The consequences of your choices

  Your own thoughts and ideas    Respecting others

  Be treated fairly              Your own actions
  Be yourself


  Author:  Teach Net

  TEACHER'S NOTE: These are for 4,5, and 6th grade music:

                   Code of Conduct

     As a member of this class I will

     1) Show respect to myself, others, and the classroom.
     2) Be prepared and give my best effort.
     3) Do nothing to keep the teacher from teaching and anyone,
     myself included, from learning.

  NOTE: If I choose to break the code of conduct, the result may be:

     1) Change seats
     2) Student/Teacher conference
     3) Office referral
     4) Other appropriate action


                        Classroom Rules
Author: Kaye W Millard

  TEACHER'S NOTE: My class rule is a pledge:

     I will do nothing to interfere with the learning, safety, or respect
     of myself or others.

     First the kids brainstorm classroom rules then we organize them
     under one of the headings in the pledge. I use their rules
     ( written on stationary) as background paper to display the pledge.
     It stays up all year.

  EDITOR'S NOTE: Someone mentioned rephrasing the pledge to give it a
  more positive spin.

  It went something like -- I will do everything I can to promote the 
  learning, saftey and respect of myself and others.

                          Classroom Rules
  Author: Crossley 

     The Three P's:
          Be Prompt
          Be Prepared
          Be Polite 
  TEACHER'S NOTE: My students brainstormed all the rules they could think
  of and we categorized them into these 3.  I had prepared a transparency
  with 3 columns, one of the three P's at the top of each. They loved my
  taking notes on their contributions, and the point was made (and they
  thought THEY'd made it)