Student Wipe-Off Boards


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Author: Dawn Hardcastle
Grade: all
Materials: Photo albums inserts(white cardboard with the clear plastic on top, one sock, and dry erase markers

This is a cheap way for teachers to provide a work board for students. You'll need to buy a package of the photo album inserts. These are the white cardboard with the plastic that you pull back and place your pictures on the sticky part.

Anyways, I use these with my first graders to review spelling, phonics, math, etc... They write their answers on board with a dry erase marker and then hold it in front of them. When I've checked their answers, I'll ask them to erase it with their sock. It's much easier that using the little chalkboards.(Less mess and the markers don't break)

I don't buy the markers. I put it on their supply list. It is wonderful to use and quick to see if the students are grasping the info.!!!!!

The kids love it and there's no need to choose volunteers to go to the board.

Editor's Note: These would be great for the computer lab as well as the classroom that has a few computers in it (lucky people)