Back To School:remembering names


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Author: Tina M. Ris
Grade: All
Concepts: Student names
Materials: Could vary

At the end of the school year, I usually get my list of students who will be in my class the following year.

I like to take this list and look up all of the students in the yearbook. I then copy the pages, cut out my students and paste them on a sheet with their name under their picture.

I always know all of my students before school starts because I have been looking at my sheet during the summer.

Editor's Note: Many schools have student pictures on CD ROM. Most professional photographers and their companies provide such services. The students could be downloaded to a disk and you could bring them home for use on your home computer. You could use any number of programs to manipulate the data -- Would be a great way to start your year -- student handouts with their name and picture, a list of rules, etc.

P.S. What a great idea.