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Author: James Trodden 

                Hands-on Activities Using the Microscope

        I always start my microscope unit by first discussing the parts 
        and proper care and handling, but before I spend to much time on 
        this and get boring I jump into an activity.  

        Using a newspaper I have the students cut out a letter,(e works 
        the best)using the microscope they then focus in on the letter.  
        It  is easier to teach microscope skills with the letter than any
        other material.  

        Students then focus on it at higher magnifications. Students 
        become facinated by actually being able to see the individual 
        dots that make up the letter.  

        In the next lesson I use an onion as the material to look at.  
        The best cells from the onion are achieved by peeling back a 
        layer, on the inside a thin layer of tissue can be removed from 
        the onion that is transparent and works well.  Be sure to wet 
        mount( place in a drop of water) the onion cell or it will dry.