SPECIAL ED: Modification


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Author: Marilyn 

          Accomodations for Special Needs Students in Regular Classes

  TEACHER'S NOTE: I do this in the afternoons with my spec sixth graders 
  for Social Studies and Science. It is more successful with some than 
  with others, and the kinds of modifications certainly depend on the 
  ability of the individual kids.  

        Sometimes, I just choose a certain number of the vocabulary words
        that they are responsible for.....make flashcards for them to 
        study from (for some of them, it would take so long for them to 
        make them that the unit would long be over before they 

        Have them demonstrate what they learned in picture form
        rather than by writing

        Answer questions orally

        Give them simpler reading material on the same topic

        Give them study sheets that give the information you want them
        to know

        Give word banks on tests

        Choose only some of the questions from the tests that they
        are responsible for answering

        In some cases, the kids in the regular class have to memorize
        certain things, like the capitals of states or countries.

        I may have them memorize the few most important, but then just 
        have their requirement be that they be able to read the names of 
        the states, countries, capitals, whatever.....to me, this makes 
        more sense than requiring the memorization, which for some of 
        the sped kids is really hard...besides, they can hardly memorize
        something they cannot even read!!