I have been creating my own web pages for a few years and while it can be an interesting and rewarding pastime, not to mention an educational boon, it can also become frustrating at times. There are many HTML editors on the market today; however, I believe that a basic understanding of HTML (hypertext markup language) is necessary for the complete understanding of the process of WEB page design.

What follows is a compilation of what I found useful. Although a complete index is included, I would suggest that you start at the beginning and work your way through the practice exercises. The tutorial was originally designed to introduce my own students to the world of HTML; therefore, it may be used as a unit plan on Basic HTML as well.

I hope you find this useful.

Good luck!  Kevin Kearney

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Bare Bones HTML [<head> and <body> tags]  [The <title> Tag
[Title etiquette]
Working With Your Text [Basic Text Formatting Styles] [Create a Basic HTML Document] [Special Characters (eg. #,@,<,>, etc.] [An Exercise in Working With Character Entities] [Headings] [More Formatting Features] [Line Breaks] [Horizontal Lines] [Section Summary
Creating Lists [Numbered Lists] [Bulleted Lists] [Definition Lists] [Combining Lists Within Lists][Three Exercises Working With Lists] [Section Summary]
Hyperspace: Adding Links  [What are Hypertext Links] [ External Links]
[ Internal Links] [ Activity # One]
[ Activity # Two] [ Section Summary]
Image Basics [Image Types] [Getting/Saving Graphics
[The <img> (Image) Tag][ Activity: Inserting Graphics] [ Good (tasteful) Image Use]
[ Aligning Text & Images][ Section Summary]
More HTML Goodies [Images as Links] [Create a HTML Tool Bar] [Changing Text Color] [Coloring Individual Sections] [Color Your Link] [Changing your Font Size] [Displaying Lists] [Adjusting Image Size] [Adjusting the Horizontal Rule Tag