[Adding a title][Title etiquette] 

Your HTML files will always begin with the <HTML> tag. This tag's sole purpose is to tell any Web browser that tries to read the file that it is dealing with a file that contains HTML code (you know, that queer looking stuff). Staying with this tag, the last line in your document will always be the corresponding end tag: </HTML>. As you will soon see, MOST HTML tags will have to be shut off with the end tag(</tagname>). So with that out of the way, Your Web page will always start with this:


and end with this:


The Html document itself is divided into two basic sections: the head and the body. The head serves to introduce the page. There are a number of things that can appear in the head; however, the only one we need concern ourselves here with is the title (we will talk about that later).

For our beginning documents we will add the <HEAD> tag and a </HEAD> end tag immediately below the <HTML>. It's not very pretty, but your Web page should now look like this:





Now we need a place to add all the text and other fun stuff we see on those fancy Web pages -- Yes, we can actually make them appear on our own Web pages. We have a head, so the next logical section would be the BODY. To indicate the body in HTML we simply place a <BODY> and </BODY> tag after the head section (right below the </HEAD> tag) as follows:







Not very difficult, is it? OK, OK, so it's not very exciting either. However, while it may not be as much fun as a barrel of monkeys, it is a basic requirement. Why don't we just file this under necessary evils and move on to something a bit more challenging.

Guess what? I lied. Here is some more sleep inducing, but necessary HTML ingredients.


The page title is nothing more than the overall name of the page (not to be confused with the file name) it will appear in the title bar of your browser window.

The <TITLE> Tag

After you select/enter your title, you must surround the text with the <TITLE> and </TITLE> tags. For example, if you want the title of your home page to be "Dis Is Me Home Page Bye" you enter it as follows:

<TITLE> Dis Is Me Home Page Bye </TITLE>

NOTE: You always place the title inside the HEAD section, so now your basic Web page looks like this:



<title> Dis Is Me Home Page Bye </title>






Keep these in mind when you select a title for your home page:

Make sure your title describes what the page is all about.

Don't make your title too long (If you do the browser may chop it off -- 50 or 60 characters are usually the max.)

Use titles that make sense when someone views them out of context. If someone really likes your page (HEY, IT COULD HAPPEN) and they decide to bookmark it the browser will display the title in the bookmark list. It is important that the title makes sense to the reader when they return to their bookmarks

Don't use titles that are cryptic or vague. Titling a page "link#42" might make sense to you, but your readers might not appreciate it.

Your next step is to enter text -- The text (along with the appropriate tags) is entered between the <BODY> and </BODY> tags.