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The following are a collection of popular handouts taken from various sites on the internet and from various reference books. Please feel free to make copies to distribute to your class or for personal use. (DO NOT include any of this material 
on any commercial sites or in any commercial works)

Note: All handouts have been modified for the K-12 classroom.

Note: If you have any tips or hints to add to this list, please click
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The following link was suggested by the students in Nancy Cashian's Summer Excellence Program. They were researching sites related to study tips and found this one to be quite useful. I would like to congratulate Nancy's students on their hard work and wish them much success in the future. Please see below for the link.

Online Reference For Test Preparation: Great site for study tips/resources. Best of luck with your studies.

Need Help With Your Studying?
Study Tips - popular handouts.
This is a great place to start
The Writing of a History Exam
Study Tips for History


Need Help With Your Writing?
Hung Up on Writing Papers? 
            Free Yourself!
Spelling Troublesome Words
How to Build a Positive Attitude 
         About Yourself as a Writer
How To Revise Your Rough Draft
Some Useful Transitional 


Need Help With Your Reading?
How to Read Your Textbook Summarizing
Suggestions for Increasing Speed
         and Effectiveness of Reading
Vary Your Reading Strategies


Need Help With Studying For Math or Science?
Problem Solving Tests 
          preparing, taking, and analyzing 
          returned problem solving tests.
New Problem Solving Tactics


Reading in the Sciences How to Study Math and Science


Need Help With General Topics?
Tips for Reducing Stress Motivation
Design Your Own 
       Anti Procrastination Plan
Vocabulary Improvement: 
       Considerations, Ways and Means
Overcoming Procrastination Are You Test Anxious?
How to Keep Calm During Tests How to Survive Exam Week
Strategies for Building Self Esteem


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