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Mr. Bailey's Tech ED Homepage               
Computer Lab Room 209


On-Line Keyboarding Practice One                                           

On-Line Keyboarding Practice Two

On-Line Keyboarding Practice Three

On-Line Keyboarding Practice Four

On-Line Keyboarding Practice Five

Speed Test


Practice Your Keys!




Grade 9 Tech Ed Notes for test

Scholastic Challenge

Test your knowledge of Chat Terms

Computer Knowledge Multiple Choice

On-Line Computer Knowledge Quiz 

Hardware Jumble

Hardware Challenge

Computer Skills Review

Hardware Quiz

Computer Skills Jeopardy

Programming Practice with

Hour of Code Log-In Grade 9 Tech Ed 1

Hour of Code Log-In Grade 9 Tech Ed 2

Hour of Code Grade 7 Tech Ed 1

Hour of Code Grade7 Tech Ed 2 

Hour of Code Grade 7 Tech Ed 3

Hour of Code Grade 7 Tech Ed 4



Colour Codes for HTML coding


Excel Files for download

Excel File: Sales

Excel File: Stocks

Excel File: Net Provider

Excel File: Car Sales

Excel File: Payroll

Excel File: All Topics 1

Excel File: All Topics 2 


Claymation Examples

Download MP4 to AVI Converter 

Youtube to MP3 Converter

Film Making Techniques

4th Wall Broken

Tension to Camera 

Tilted Horizon 

Slow Zoom and Close-ups 

Student Made Lego Titanic Movie

Telepromter Site


Web-based blue print designer

Lunar Missions

Lunar Lander Designs

 Grade 9 Structures Designs 

Photostory 3 Blank Backgrounds

Grade 8 PhotoStory Tutorial

Grade 8 Google Sketch-Up On-Line Tutorial

Beatles Text

Cool Text Generator


Simple Tutorials


Click here for online tutorial

Click here for video tutorial for EV3

Click here for Nature's Fury Main Site 

Click here for Nature's Fury Build Instructions 

Click here for Nature's Fury YouTube Videos 

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