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What is Xoops?

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How To Log In To Your Site

How to create a registered user

How to Upload a File into the System

How to Upload an Image into the System

Block Management

How to Show Visible Blocks

How to Edit a Block

Creating a Custom Block

How to Make a Custom Block Visible

Where to Edit Group Permissions

Format Block Text

MasTop Publisher Module

How To Create a Page Using MasTop Publishing

How to Find a List of all Pages on your site

How To Create a Link to a previously uploaded file from your Page

How to find the Page Address to use as a link

How to Insert an Image into Your Page

How to Add a table to Your Page

How to Delete MasTop Content

Quick Edit a Page from the Main Menu

Determine What Groups can View a Page

Managing The MasTop Menu (Main Menu)

How to Find / Customize Your Main Menu

How to Make a Page Invisible to the Main Menu

How to Create a Direct Link from Your Main Menu

How to Create a Menu Entry that does not contain a link

Create Sub-Pages from your Main Menu

How to Find your Sub-Pages

Multimenu Module

How to Create a Multimenu Link

Add a Multimenu to the Homepage

My Album

Add New Pic to MyAlbum

Add Photo Album

Remove a Pic from MyAlbum


New Calendar Event

Insert Calendar Block

Remove a Calendar Event

Submit a Re-occuring Calendar Event

Uploading/Revising Files manually

Getting your Files to the Web

How to Download Filezilla

How to Use Filezilla


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