Creating a user account.


1.To create a user account click on the "New account" button located below the login form.


2.The account form requires entry of basic information before it can be successfully submitted. A first name, last name, user name, password, professional number, email address and telephone number must be entered and validated before the account creation process can proceed. The password field is case sensitive. The user name field can be entered in either upper or lower case characters and is case in-sensitive. Professional numbers are checked for validity as is the email field.


3.Click the "add" button to submit your account application. If a form field entry is invalid or missing an error message describing the issue is displayed at the top of the form. If you encounter errors make the appropriate changes as defined by the error message and submit again using the "add" button.


4.After the account form has been successfully submitted and processed a message is displayed confirming the application's success. An email is forwarded to the address specified during account the account submission.


5.Check your email for the account application reciept. This reciept contains a hyperlink which when clicked will activate your account.


6.The activation link triggers an activation process which enables the user account. Clicking the "Login" button forwards to the login screen.


7.Enter the username and password in the login form as created previously in the account creation form. Click the "Login" button to proceed with the login.


For more information or assistance with the process of creating an account, contact the administrator.