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The potential for technology to improve student education has long been appreciated within the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board. Indeed, “Technology” was established as one of the seven key issues of the original Strategic Plan created in 1997. Technology remains a key issue.

Research tells us that technology has the most influence on student learning and achievement when integrated within the curriculum. The Department of Education, through Learning Resources and Technology, published an ICT Integration document in 2005 that uses current research to explain the importance of the integration of technologies within the curriculum.

The skill set the teacher brings to the classroom plays an important factor in the integration of technology. To help teachers successfully integrate technology, the Instruction Support: Technology branch of the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board promotes professional development that leads to integration of technologies in meaningful, student-centered learning opportunities.

Technology integration:
• encourages students to play increasingly more active roles in their learning,
• allows students to engage as problem solvers and critical thinkers,
• empowers students to construct learning from well-chosen and well-designed student-centered activities,
• Helps students to manipulate information so as to discover patterns and relationships and construct meaning
• Helps students formulate, in pursuit of knowledge, both conclusions and complex questions to further research
• Permits students and teachers more immediate access to, and sharing of, current learning content and information, and 
• Provides students with special needs fuller access to their learning environment.



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