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General Information

Scheduled School Day
Note: When 1st bell rings in the morning, students are required to go directly to their lockers and get their books and materials for the morning classes, then proceed directly to their first class. Students are not permitted to return to their lockers between classes.


      Bell Times                      Period  

          8:30                             Students are expected to proceed to lockersand perpare for morning classes.        

  • 8:35 - 9:35                               1st Period
  • 9:38 - 10:38                             2nd Period
  • 10:41 - 11:41                           3rd Period
  • 11:41 - 12:14                           4th Period Lunch
  • 12:14 - 01:14                           5th Period
  • 01:17 - 02:17                           6th Period




School attendance is mandatory. if a student will be absent, please call the school prior to 8:30am to report the absenteeism. Attendance records will be taken during each period of the school day.

Late Policy

Students are expected to be at school on time each morning and afternoon. Students are to be on time for all classes. Anyone entering our school after our regular entry time is asked to report to the office for a late slip or to sign the sign-in book. Inexcusable tardiness will not be tolerated; students will be subject to a consequence which may include contact with parent/guardian, detention and/or loss of privileges.

Fire Drills

In the event of a fire drill, students and staff must exit the building, according to the instructions posted in each classroom. Students should assemble in groups in the parking lot where the teacher will check attendance.

Bus Rules and Times

A large percentage of students attending Dr. T.L. Sullivan Junior High School travel on school buses. Safety is of utmost importance. It is to be understood that the bus driver is in authority at all times and any student disobeying rules which are set down for safety of the students shall be subject to suspension of bus privileges. Bus times shall be set during the first week of operation and students are asked to observe the proper time and places of departure. Students who are not attending classes during the school day may lose bus privileges. For those who will not be using a bus, it is very important to remember to use the sidewalks/crosswalks on Park Road so that accidents will be prevented. Pedestrian Traffic It is extremely important that all students obey the crossing guard and the traffic signals at the Park Road intersection. For the sake of safety, students are expected to use the sidewalks running parallel to Park Road, not challenging traffic by walking three and four abreast the road.


Students are to report all accidents or injuries to a teacher or administration so that they will be handled appropriately by school personnel who will, if necessary, contact parents to arrange for medical treatment. Skateboards, Roller Blades, Scooters, or Wheelie Sneakers are not permitted at school for general safety reasons.


Meals will be priced according to what the students select ; i.e. each item will be individually priced so that students will have the option of choosing the meal they wish to pay for. We are very strongly recommending that students make use of our cafeteria or bring their own lunch.


The school is not permitted to provide over-the-counter medication to students. Parents are requested to inform the school of any medical concerns related to their son/daughter that should be brought to the attention of the school.


Lockers will be made available to all students. It is a privilege and as such could be taken away if there is abuse of such lockers. To this end, the administration will be making random checks of lockers to ensure that they are being properly used. Absolutely no one else should have your lock combination. Only school issued locks will be allowed. The school does not accept responsibility for stolen items. Students must keep their lockers locked at all times.

Front Door

Students are expected to remain behind the yellow lines on the sidewalk in front of the main entrance. This will permit easier access to the school by preventing crowding near the center doors.


All students are strongly encouraged in the school setting and the surrounding community to use garbage cans for litter. Remember, you are representatives of our school and you should show pride for your own and other's property as a young citizen.

Electronic Devices

  Digital cameras, Cell Phones, MP3 Players as well as other electronic devices are not allowed to be used inside the school. Cell phones must be turned off before entering the school and placed in lockers. Any of these electronic devices that are visible or used by students during the school day  will be confiscated. If an electronic device is confiscated , a parent / guardian must come into the office to retrieve it. Laser lights are forbidden in school.


A pay phone for students is located in the main office. Students ARE NOT permitted to use office telephones. We will page students for emergency messages only. The phone is not to be used during class time. Follow the procedure for pay phone usage as indicated by your teacher.

Lost and Found

The "Lost and Found" is located in the main office. Anything found should be brought to the office. Students are warned not to bring large sums of money or valuables to school. During Physical Education class, items such as watches and jewelry should be locked in your locker and not left in pockets in the changing room.


All visitors are required to report to the main office upon arrival to receive authorization for their presence. Visitors with an important purpose are welcome at our school. Those who arrive with no purpose, however, will be asked to leave. Please do not invite friends to visit you here; meet them away from school property.

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