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Published by Marjorie Graham [Marjorie Graham] on 2014/2/25 (368 reads)


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Board Highlights

Published by Michelle MacLeod [Michelle MacLeod] on 2014/2/28 (292 reads)

On February 24, 2014 the Board met for their Regular monthly meeting.

Correspondence was received from the Department of Education regarding approved capital projects. The following projects were approved by the province; the province will purchase and renovate a building in Sydney to serve as a bus maintenance facility for Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board. Secondly; Glace Bay High and Memorial High were also approved for capital projects.

A presentation was made by Whitney Pier Memorial regarding the Math Engagement pilot program. The following students were involved in the presentation: Taylor Williston, Sheraton Simmons, Katie Hasiuk, Hellena Washburn and Kiana Zahara. The students presented on the Math pilot project which is occurring at their school. The presentation began with a brief overview. The presentation included a power-point presentation and video. Four schools across the province were selected. Engagement and academic achievement are the key focus points. Some of the subject areas which ipads are used are; Health, Social Studies, Math, English and Science.

Mr. Ambrose White, Superintendent followed up with his report. Highlights of his report included events which occurred in our Board during African Heritage Month. This month the Coal Bowl Classic occurred at BEC and the Red Cup Classic at Riverview Rural High.

The Board Chair, Lorne Green then presented his report for the month. We are presently meeting and planning the Annual General Meeting for all Board members across the province to attend the weekend of May 29, 2014 – May 31, 2014. This is an opportunity for our Board to network with other Boards regarding best practices. The theme of the conference is Making Difference . It is our hope to work with other Boards and Department of Education and Early Development regarding networking, crisis management, recognizing links to school performance and engagement of students. The keynote speaker for the event is the Honorable Minister of Education and Early Development, Karen Casey.

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Ad Superintendent

Ad Superintendent
Ad Superintendent Posted by Michelle MacLeod (March 20, 2014)

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Teacher Assistant Program FALL 2014

Teacher Assistant Program FALL 2014
Teacher Assistant Program FALL 2014 Posted by Tom Baker (March 7, 2014)

WHAT (aim of the program): introducing language tutors to Italian Schools and meeting of different cultures. Assistants will be helping for 15/18 hours per week (spread on 5 or 6 days depending on the school) in a local school (mainly high schools, but it may be also primary or middle schools)
WHERE tutors will be placed in the beautiful region of Piemonte (Piedmont), with hills, lakes, mountains and a short distance from sea-side and France! For the future, we are trying to establish new partnerships in other areas of Italy, we’ll keep you posted
PROGRAM FEE: none - we would like to encourage enrollment and we hope you share our goal.
CANCELLATION FEE: €200 if an applicant cancels after acceptance and €300 if they cancel after placement. We decided we need to apply this fee because we need to discourage cancellations. We need to respect our commitment with the schools and the Ministry and we are put in a very difficult position to solve if there are cancellations. I understand some of you already have a cancellation fee of your own so please include this fee accordingly.
Program includes:
*  accommodation with volunteer host families screened by the school (mostly single room but in some cases we had shared rooms with host brother or sisters, we also had a couple of cases of different kind of accommodation like a single apartment or church boarding school but it is very unusual). Placement is guaranteed!!
* full board when tutor is at home
* airport transfer to Torino (if Assistant arrives on set date and time)
* overnight orientation in Torino at arrival
* health and third liability insurance
* WEP office assistance and supervision of local coordinator
* emergency line 24/7
* school counselor to help at school
WHEN program duration is 12 weeks:
* first term: Sept 25 - Dec. 21 - 2014
* second term: Jan. 8 - April 4 - 2015
DEADLINE to apply: August 31 for september arrivals, Nov 30 for January arrivals (first in first served!)
*airport: Torino (we would like to check with you if this is possible as this would make things smoother organization wise, please let me know if you encounter difficulties and we'll see what to do)
*time: between 11 AM - 1 PM (this again would make things easier, the assistants wouldn't have a long wait. Once again, let me know if this is possible, we would like to try what would be best but if you encounter problems we can still discuss if Malpensa or which other solution is better)
*orientation: will take place in Torino, main city in Piemonte.
- be aged between 20-30
- be University student or graduate
- be screened by the partner
- provide a police check
- provide passport copy
- be English/French/German/Chinese mother tongue
- applicant need to provide a CV + complete the application form attached + pictures
- applicant need to provide flight detail after acceptance and no later than one month prior arrival date
- no Italian language knowledge required but some basic knowledge is helpful
- no teaching experience/degree required but preferable
- assistants coming with a tourist visa can stay up to 90 days
- Non European applicants will enter Italy through a tourist visa (tutors from NZ, Australia and Canada may also apply for a working holiday visa)
- participants are not allowed to travel during school days but during week ends or holidays only
- European Students can apply for an Erasmus scholarship in their country (schools are available to sign papers if needed, all information should be found by participants through their local University)
* TORINO If you want to know more about Torino, enjoy this high definition video: ... 2VLPmFo&v=9QB90Vj-XHQ
*PIEDMONT If you want to know more about Piemonte, enjoy this video !
* TESTIMONIALs: PLEASE watch this as it will help you understand how appealing this experience is!!
September 2013:

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Teaching Oppprtunities in China

Teaching Opportunities In China - MapleLeafSchools
Teaching Opportunities In China - MapleLeafSchools Posted by Administrator (December 21, 2012)

Maple Leaf Education Systems

Teaching Opportunities In China

October, 2013 Update

Teaching Opportunities In China

  • Teach Canadian Curriculum in English to motivated Chinese High School Students
  • Low Cost of Living in China provides a great opportunity to Save
  • Teach in excellent facilities, where the school programs are annually inspected and certified by British Columbia Ministry of Education
  • Work with a dedicated staff lead by a Canadian Principal.

Maple Leaf has begun their hiring process for September, 2014.  The Current Available Positions by Subject area are as follows:

  • High Schools English  -  35 positions
  • High School Social Studies  - 10 positions
  • High School Mathematics  -  10 positions
  • High School Science  -   15 positions
  • High Schools Physical Education  - 5 positions
  • High Schools Business Ed and IT  -  5 positions

New and Experienced teachers in all Subject Areas are Encouraged to Submit a Resume for Consideration in Present & Future Openings

For More Information Please Contact:

Archie MacEachern
Atlantic Canada Representative
Maple Leaf Education Systems

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Teaching Opportunities In China

Teaching Oppprtunities in China
Teaching Oppprtunities in China Posted by Marjorie Sawchuk (May 15, 2012)



Immerse yourself in a new culture and gain valuable international work experience.  We are seeking qualified teachers to teach in schools in China accredited by the Nova Scotia Department of Education to use the Nova Scotia curriculum.

Compensation includes:

  • Basic salary
  • Return airfare
  • Fully-furnished apartment
  • Work Visa

A number of positions are available at the following locations for the 2012-13 school year:

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Art in Action
Art in Action Posted by Michelle MacLeod (April 17, 2014)

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Art in Action

Art in Action
Art in Action Posted by Michelle MacLeod (April 17, 2014)

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Scenarios Posted by Paul Oldford (December 3, 2013)

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Looking Inward Fall 2013 Update

Looking Inward Fall 2013 Update
Looking Inward Fall 2013 Update Posted by Michelle MacLeod (October 2, 2013)

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Looking Inward Presentation

Looking Inward Presentation
Looking Inward Presentation Posted by Michelle MacLeod (May 3, 2013)

For more information click image

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Looking Inward
Looking Inward Posted by Paul Oldford (October 2, 2013)



“Looking Inward” is a candid review of the board challenges to guide public consultation.  We invite you to read this document and forward your comments to the CBVRSB at or by writing to us at:

Cape Breton – Victoria Regional School Board
275 George Street,
Sydney ,N.S.

B1P 1J7

Attn: Michele Mac Leod

The Looking Inward document is available at:


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