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Board Members Stipend: FIN 101




    Board Members Stipend: FIN 101

Adoption Date: October 25, 1999

Revised: April 2, 2007


This policy covers all members of the Regional Board including the Chair and the Vice-Chair.



To outline the statutory provisions determining Board stipend amounts and set forward the administrative procedures respecting remuneration and reimbursement for Board members.


Policy Statement

It is the policy of the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board that Board members are entitled to such remuneration and reimbursement as determined by the stipend report carried out  in accordance with the Education Act.


Cross Reference



This policy has been authorized by the Board under motions number....    



It is the responsibility of the Director of Finance to ensure that this policy and administrative procedures are implemented.



The Supervisor of Payroll will implement the policy and administrative procedures.



Payment:    Annual Board member stipends will be paid bi-weekly less required deductions.


Related Guidelines    

Education Act, Board By-Laws (Article 2), Board Members Expenses.

General: Every effort should be made to attend the monthly Board meetings, respective committee meetings and special meetings called by the Chair or in an appropriate manner.  A Board member who is unable to attend a meeting should endeavour to report their absence to the office of the Director of Finance or the Superintendent.

Attendance:  If a member fails to attend three consecutive regular meetings of the Board without a reasonable excuse satisfactory to the Board, the Secretary shall bring the matter to the attention of the Board at its next regular meeting.  The Board shall then declare the seat of that member vacant and shall forthwith call an election to fill the Member’s seat pursuant to the municipal Elections Act.

School Board Members Stipend Report


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Policy Review            

This policy will be reviewed by the Director of Finance within three years from the authorization date.



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