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Board Visual Identity: PSS 217

Board Visual Identity



Board Visual Identity: PSS 217

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This policy applies to communications concerning all entities operating within the Cape Breton Victoria Regional School Board.



To ensure that the board is represented as a contributor in all activities and events occurring within or about the facilities of the Cape Breton Victoria Regional School Board.


Policy Statement           

The Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board requires that its visual identity be made present on all communications with the media and the public in general that involve schools, students, and/or board employees.  By the use of the board’s visual identity a positive influence is projected recognizing the CBVRSB, the schools and partners in the promotion of the goal of lifelong learning for students and board personnel.


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  1. Schools are encouraged to develop their own logo to be used on supplies, letterheads, publications and other printed material.
  1. The one logo to be used is to receive prior approval of the Director of Programs & Student Services.
  1. The Cape Breton-Victoria Regional Board Logo is to be used on School Letterhead and printed community (public) communications.
  1. The school letterhead requires the approval of the Director of Programs & Student Services.
  1. The staff credentials on letterhead is discouraged.

The official board logo shall be made available to required users in digital format from the communication officer for the board.  There shall be no electronic distortion, or any other deviation from the original logo.  Electronic versions of the logo are available in various formats for use in all computer systems.  The logo is rainbow coloured and may appear in black (photocopies and facsimiles).  Watermarks are permitted.

  1. Uses of the board logo:
  1. The board logo can appear without the descriptor
  2. The board logo shall be used for:

    i.      Formal correspondence

    ii.      Website

    iii.      Documents

    iv.      Application forms and job postings

    v.      Publications

    vi.      Advertising and public announcements

    vii.      Awards and certificates

    viii.      Graduations

    ix.      Board vehicles

    x.      Building Identification

xi.     Other uses of the board logo shall be approved by the Director of Programs & Student Services

  1. The board logo will appear with free space around it equal to the height of upper case “A” in VICTORIA.

The school board name or logo shall appear in all media releases and reports whether school or board initiated.


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Policy Review            

This policy will be reviewed by the Director of Programs & Student Services within three years of the authorization date.




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