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Bomb Threats: PSS 218




Bomb Threats: PSS 218

Adoption Date: October 25, 1999

Revised: January 2005



This policy will apply to all schools within the Board receiving a “Bomb Threat”.



To provide a standard procedure for all principals when the school receives a “Bomb Threat”.


Policy Statement

It is the policy of the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board that the safety of students will be the prime consideration when dealing with “Bomb Threats”.  The school principal, or designate, shall order the evacuation of any school building whenever, in his/her opinion, the safety of students is endangered.


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The policy has been authorized by the Board under motions number ...



It is the responsibility of the Director of Programs and Student Services to ensure that this policy and administrative procedures are implemented.



The Co-ordinator of School Services will implement the policy and administrative procedures.



1. The possibility of receiving a bomb threat is very real.  All staff is to be fully aware of the procedures to follow.


            1.1        Must remain calm and listen.

            1.2        Must NOT interrupt the caller.

            1.3        Must be courteous.

            1.4        Must keep the caller talking in order to receive as much information as possible.

            1.5        Must try to alert the other staff as to what is happening.

            1.6        Must note the time of the call.

            1.7        Must try to learn where the bomb has been placed.

            1.8        Must try to learn why the device has been set.

            1.9        Must try to learn when it will explode.

            1.10      Must note any characteristics of the caller’s voice (age, sex, accent, volume and speed of speech, and manner of diction).

            1.11      Must note any background noise.

            1.12      If the call is received on a touch phone, press *57 to trace the call.  This must be done immediately after the caller hangs up.  Inform the principal or designate.

2. Notify immediately:

            2.1        The local detachment of the RCMP or the municipal police force.

            2.2        The principal of the threatened school, if the message was delivered elsewhere.

            2.3        Co-ordinator of School Services or designate.

3. The Principals or designates shall:

            3.1        Order the building evacuated and implement evacuation procedures.

4. During the evacuation of the building, have teachers do a quick visual scan of their classrooms before leaving.       

5. Have students and staff assemble in an orderly fashion at a safe distance from the school.  Ensure the teacher has that day’s complete attendance record.  Ensure all students have been evacuated.

6. Assist police and fire departments with floor plans and information on location of any hazardous materials.

7. Restrict access to building.

8. The Board authorizes the principal to admit students and staff to the building if, upon assessment of the situation, there is reasonable assurance there is no further danger.


Associated Forms                  

Bomb Threat Report Form (#)


Policy Review            

This policy will be reviewed by the Director of Programs and Student Services within three years from this authorization date.



Board Members

All Policy Manual Holders



INSTRUCTIONS: Be calm.  Be courteous.  Listen--do not interrupt the caller.  Notify Principal or designate by pre-arranged signal while caller is on the line.

Date: ___________________________________  Time: _________________________________

School: _________________________________

Exact words of person placing call:




1.         When is the bomb going to explode? _______________________________________________

2.         Where is the bomb right now? _____________________________________________________

3.         What kind of bomb is it? _________________________________________________________

4.         What does it look like? ___________________________________________________________

5.         Why did you place the bomb? _____________________________________________________

6.         What is your name? _____________________________________________________________


CALLER’S IDENTITY:  Male Female Adult Juvenile Age ____ years      
VOICE: Loud Soft High-Pitched Deep Raspy Pleasant Intoxicated  Other
ACCENT: Local Not Local  Foreign Region        
SPEECH: Fast Slow Distinct Distorted Stutter Nasal Slurred Lisp
LANGUAGE: Excellent Good Fair Poor Foul Other    
MANNER: Calm Angry Rational Irrational Coherent Incoherent Deliberate Emotional
  Righteous Laughing Intoxicated          
BACKGROUND NOISES:  Office Machines Factory Machines Bedlam Trains Animals Music Quiet Voices
  Mixed Airplanes Street Traffic Party Atmosphere        

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________




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