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Dual Busing: OST 405

Dual Busing



Dual Busing: OST 405

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This policy applies to all bussed students within the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board.


This policy is to ensure that the School Board does not incur additional costs by busing students from the same area for more than one school for the same grade level and program.

Policy Statement

It is the policy of the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board to ensure all students who are entitled to busing, will be bused to their neighborhood school, unless there are other programs not offered at the neighborhood school that the student wishes to attend.


Cross Reference

This policy has been authorized by the Board under motions number....



It is the responsibility of the Director Operational Services to ensure that this policy and administrative procedures are implemented.



It is the responsibility of the Director of Operational Services.



1)         When a student wishes to attend classes outside their neighborhood school that is offering the same program, they must first  register at their neighborhood school and then apply for a transfer.

2)         If that transfer is accepted, the terms of the transfer policy take place in that the student can make the transfer to the school in question, however, transportation is not provided unless there is existing transportation with room available.  This can be discontinued if over-crowding occurs.

3)         If the program is not offered in the neighborhood school and the transfer is approved, then transportation will be approved.


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Policy Review

This policy will be reviewed by Director Operational Services within three years from the authorization date.



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