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Mechanical Failure: OST 411




Mechanical Failure: OST 411

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This applies to all bus drivers driving school buses to transport children.



To ensure all students are safe, recovery is as soon as possible and all parties are informed.


Policy Statement

The Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board acknowledges that, no matter how diligently the system for maintaining a safe and efficient bus fleet is monitored by those responsible for mechanical upkeep, breakdowns will occur.  When this happens, everything possible will be done to ensure that students are safe and that their educational program will not be unnecessarily disrupted.



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This policy has been authorized by the Board under motions number....



It is the responsibility of the Director of Operational Services to ensure that this policy and administrative procedures are implemented.



Director of Operational Services



1)         In the event of mechanical failure which makes it impossible for a bus driver to pick up students on schedule, the bus driver will:

a)                     Report the breakdown to the bus garage and the Transportation Department.

b)                     In the event of a complete bus failure, make alternate arrangements for the transportation of students.  These arrangements are to be coordinated through the Board’s Transportation Coordinator or the Manager of Transportation.

c)                     At all times the safety of the children must be most important.


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Policy Review

This policy will be reviewed by Director of Operational Services within three years from the authorization date.



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