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School Bus Accidents: OST 416




School Bus Accidents: OST 416

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This policy applies to all School Bus Drivers operating a School Bus.



To ensure that the policy of the Board is maintained when an accident occurs with regard to safety and requirements by the insurance company.


Policy Statement

It is the policy of the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board to ensure the safety and well-being of all students.



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This policy has been authorized by the Board under motions number....



It is the responsibility of the Director of Operational Services to ensure that this policy and administrative procedures are implemented.



The Director of Operational Services will implement the policy and administrative procedures.



In the event of a school bus accident, the bus driver should follow the recommended procedures:

1) The safety of the children must be the top priority. The bus driver must assess the condition of the students on the bus.

2) The bus driver will determine if the students should remain on the bus in their seats or if evacuation is necessary.  Whenever possible, the bus driver should remain with the students, at all times.

3) The bus driver will endeavor to maintain a calming influence on the passengers.

4) If possible, warning lights should be activated.

5) Using discretion, the bus driver should ensure that the following are contacted:

1) Call 911, which summons the Police, Ambulance and Fire Department.

2) Coordinator of Transportation or designate.   If possible, a brief assessment of the situation should be given.

6) Details of the accident will be discussed with authorized personnel only.

7) If a student is injured, an Incident Report Form for the School Insurance Program, must be completed by the driver and signed by the Principal of the school involved and, in turn , the Principal must immediately send the form to the Coordinator of School Services for his/her  further handling.  A copy of this form will be returned to the Transportation Department from the Coordinator of School Services office for our files.   (Copy attached)

8) A written report of the accident will be submitted to the Coordinator of Transportation or designate within twenty-four (24) hours.  The completed copy of the accident report will be faxed to the insurance company as soon as possible after the accident, for their handling. (Copy of form attached).


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Policy Review

This policy will be reviewed by Director of Operational Services within three years from the authorization date.



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