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Suspension of Students from School Bus Use: OST 418




Suspension of Students from School Bus Use: OST 418

Adoption Date:



This policy applies to all students traveling on Board-owned buses who do not follow posted bus rules and regulations.



To ensure the safety of all the passengers traveling on Board-owned buses and that all Provincial and Federal Regulations are followed.


Policy Statement        

It is the policy of the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board to suspend students not complying with Board regulations.


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This policy has been authorized by the Board under motions number....



It is the responsibility of the Director of Programs and Student Services to ensure that this policy and administrative procedures are implemented.



The Director of Operational Services will implement the policy and administrative procedures.



A) The Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board has authorized the Principals, in consultation with the Coordinator of Transportation, to suspend a pupil’s right to use the school bus if, in his/her judgment, the pupil has refused to comply with reasonable rules or regulations of the School Board or directions given by the bus driver, or, if in his/her judgment, the behavior of the pupil while on the bus, endangers the safety of others using the bus.

B) The bus driver does not have the authority to suspend a pupil from school bus use.  The bus driver has a responsibility to maintain order on the bus.  However, if a pupil refuses to comply with rules and regulations while on the bus, the bus driver must report the incident (in writing) within a 24-hour period to the Principal and Coordinator of Transportation or his/her designate.

C) Should an extreme case of misbehavior occur on the bus which, in the opinion of the bus driver, endangers the safety of others using the bus, the bus driver will pull the bus to the side of the road, turn on the amber flashing lights and seek assistance in contacting the police.  Under no circumstances is the bus driver permitted to discharge a pupil from the bus en route.

D) When a pupil is suspended from school bus use, the Principal shall forthwith notify the parents by telephone.  This notification will be followed by notice, in writing, of this suspension,  to the pupil, parents or guardian, Coordinator of Transportation, and the Coordinator of School Services.

E) When the Principal or Coordinator of Transportation requests that a suspension exceed five (5) days, then a Committee consisting of the Coordinator of School Services, Coordinator of Transportation and the Director of Programs and Student Services convene to review the case prior to meeting with the parents.

F) If the Review Committee decides to extend the suspension beyond the five (5) days, it must forthwith notify the pupil by registered mail, the parent or guardian by registered mail, as well as the Principal of the school.

Suspension Form SFIB is used and is signed by the Director Programs & Student Services of the Board. (Copy Attached)

G) When a pupil, or the parent or guardian of a pupil, has been notified of the extension of a suspension from use of school bus as per Clause F, the pupil or the parent or guardian may, within seven (7) days of receiving such a notice, appeal the suspension to the School Board through the Secretary of the Board.

H) Where a Notice of Appeal has been received by the School Board, the balance of the suspension shall be stayed until the School Board confirms, revokes or varies the suspension.

I) The School Board shall, upon receipt of a Notice of Appeal:

i) immediately, by registered mail, notify the parent or guardian of the pupil, or the pupil himself, where he is of the age of majority, of the time and place of the hearing of the appeal; and

ii) within five (5) days of receipt of the notice of appeal, hold a hearing respecting the suspension and immediately following that hearing, confirm, revoke or vary the decision to suspend.

J) On recommendation by the Committee, the student may be required to meet with the Coordinator of Transportation and the Principal of the school to review the rules of the bus and notify the student of any actions that will take place if further occurrences take place.


Related Guidelines                

Education Act, Regulations under this act.


Associated Forms                  

Suspension Form SFIB (Attached)


Policy Review                        

This policy will be reviewed by Director of Programs and Student Services within three years from the authorization date.



Board Members

All Policy Manual Holders



form #SF-1B – Revised August 2005





Name of Student________________________________________________________

Grade____________________       Date of Birth:        ________________________

Home Room Teacher:____________________________________________________________

Date of Suspension:____________________________________________________________

Dear ________________________:

As principal or official designate of ________________________________  I hereby notify you                               

of the suspension from bus use of _____________________________________________

                                                                                   Student Name

son/ daughter of _____________________________________________________________________________


of ____________________________________________________________________________________


for a period of _____________________ days, effective  ________________________________________

                                   Number                                                                   Date

The reason(s) for the suspension are as follows:






Signed:  _____________________________________________ 

                                      Principal or Official Designate




Parent or Guardian

Bus Driver

Coordinator of School Services (Attach Bus Driver Report)

Coordinator of Transportation (Attach Bus Driver Report)

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