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Vocational Programs Registration and Application: PSS 213




Vocational Programs Registration and Application: PSS 213

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This policy will apply to any student applying for vocational/technical training programs at Memorial Composite High School.



To provide a standard procedure for the registration and application process.


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The Director of Programs & Student Services in collaboration with the Vocational Education Facilitator, the Principal and Memorial’s Guidance Department will ensure that this policy and administrative procedures are implemented.



The Vocational Education Facilitator with the assistance of Guidance personnel will review all applications for vocational programs.




1.1        All grade nine students within the CBVRSB will be given the opportunity to apply for a vocational three-year program beginning in grade ten. Vocational programs include: Carpentry, Cooking, Electrical, Plumbing, Motor Vehicle Repair, Heavy Duty Repair , Graphic Design and Marketing & Inventory Management. Dining Room Services is also available as a one year program in grade ten, eleven or twelve.

1.2        Grade nine students  that may have been unsuccessful in one or more grade levels in junior high school may be recommended for the Workshop 10 program at Memorial. It is a transitional program designed to assist students to achieve the graduation and/or vocational requirements.

1.3        Students within the CBVRSB will be given first opportunity to apply for vocational two-year programs beginning in grade eleven. Two-year programs include: Cosmetology, Information Technology and Radio /Television Broadcasting.

1.4        Vocational students attending Memorial in grade ten or eleven with a passing mark of 65%  program will move into the next level of their program.

1.5        Any remaining openings in vocational programswill be filled by students within in the CBVRSB in the following order:

  • Current non vocational graduates.
  • Recent graduates or mature students with a GED under 21years of age.
  • Mature students over 21years of age.
  • Students outside our board


2.1        Students interested in applying  for  vocational programs at Memorial Composite High School must  fill out a  Memorial Composite High School Vocational Application Form.

The  application form may be obtained by:

  • Contacting Memorial directly by phone: 1(902)736-6233 or Fax - 1(902)736-3895.
  • By mail:


 Memorial Composite High School

    80 Memorial Drive
    Sydney Mines, B1V 2Y5


2.2        Priority will be given to completed applications received on or before April 1st of the current school year. Applications signed by parents if required, with  a current transcript or record of marks attached should be forwarded  to Memorial’s Vocational Educational Facilitator or  Schools Guidance Department.  

2.3        Reasonable accommodations will be made for students interested in vocational programs with documented disabilities. Documented disabilities may include, but are not limited to;  Individual Program Plans (IPP’s), Modifications, Learning  Disabilities  and/or Adaptations. Early self-identification is encouraged with documentation forwarded to Memorial’s Vice-Principal as soon as possible. Note: Academic accommodations for individual needs do not reduce the student’s responsibility to meet occupational standards.

2.4        Letters will be sent to applicants showing their status: Accepted, Not Accepted or Waitlisted.

Students may also contact Memorial directly to check on your status. 

2.5        Applications do not carry over from year to year. Applicants waitlisted or not accepted are expected to re-submit their application for each new year.


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Policy should be reviewed every two years.



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