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Active Healthy Living: PSS 259



Active Healthy Living:  PSS 259

Adoption Date:  January 30, 2012


This policy applies to all schools in Cape Breton Victoria Regional School Board.


Healthy Students Healthy Schools is a CBVRSB initiative which aims to create a school environment that supports children, youth and the larger school community in leading healthy change.

Policy Statement

The Healthy Students Healthy Schools initiative, recognizing the health crisis around student health and obesity will see policies and guidelines developed, curriculum enhanced and programs expanded to support the creation of a healthy school environment.

This initiative attempts to reach students by promoting health within and beyond the classroom.  HSHS is designed to promote the physical, emotional and social health and wellness of students, their families, school staff, and school communities.  It is based on the belief that health is important to learning and that schools are uniquely positioned to influence healthy child, youth, and family development.  The mission is to create school environments that enhance the healthy development of children and their families by working in partnership with community providers and resources.

Cross Reference

NS Food and Nutrition Policy

NS Department of Education, Physical Education P-12 Safety Guidelines, 1997

NS Public Schools Program, 2003 and Curriculum Guides

NS School Athletic Federation Policy and Handbook

NS Department of Education Code of Conduct, 2008

NS Department of Health ‘The Sexuality Resource’

Fair Play Policies for local sport teams

CBRM Active Transportation Policy


The policy has been authorized by the Board under motions number 2012-01-21.


It is the responsibility of the Director of Programs and Student Services to ensure that this policy and administrative procedures are implemented.


This policy will be implemented by each school principal in consultation with the Coordinator of Program Services P-6 and appropriate staff.


The CB-VRSB and various partners work together to support the implementation of this initiative. Below are examples of how they can support your school:

  • Assist with the creation and support of school-based Active Healthy Living (AHL) Committees and Positive Effective Behaviour Teams (PEBS);
  • Provide information on Healthy Students Healthy Schools to school groups, school councils, etc.;
  • Support schools focusing on student and staff wellness;
  • Provide schools with support for Health Promoting Initiatives;
  • Assist with the interpretation of the Food and Nutrition Policy with key stakeholders (i.e. administration, cafeteria, etc.);
  • Assist schools with applications for funding opportunities i.e. Health Promoting Schools and Girls Play2;
  • Assist schools with accessing relevant health promotion resources;
  • Provide in-services on Active Healthy Living topics to teachers, principals, parents, cafeteria staff, etc.;
  • Assist in the presentation and coordination of school sport and physical activity programming, which includes but is not limited to, intramurals and after school programs.  See Fair Play Guidelines for P-9 Schools (Appendix A);
  • Assist schools in providing alternative sport and physical activity programming for students who wish to participate and who are not accommodated by formal school sport;
  • Support for the development and upgrade of facilities/environments that promote opportunities for physical activities and active transportation initiatives;
  • Assist with the creation of cross-curricular opportunities for the enhancement of active healthy living;

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Policy Review            

This policy will be reviewed by the Director of Programs and Student Services within three years from this authorization date.


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