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Surplus Equipment: PSS 245




Surplus Equipment: PSS 245

Adoption Date: October 25, 1999

Revised: January 2005



This policy sets forward the procedures for both inventory and disposal of surplus or obsolete equipment within the Board.



To ensure that all schools are aware of surplus equipment in the system, and that the procedures exist for expedient disbursement or disposal of equipment not required.


Policy Statement           

It is the policy of the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board that Principals of schools with surplus or obsolete equipment contact the Co-ordinator of School Services to ensure equitable distribution or disposal of the equipment.


Cross Reference



This policy has been authorized by the Board under motions number....



It is the responsibility of the Director of Programs and Student Services to ensure that this policy and administrative procedures are implemented.



The Coordinator of School Services will implement the policy and administrative procedures.



Surplus equipment lists should include type of equipment, manufacturers name, model number, quantity and whether it is operational.  The Co-ordinator of School Services office will relate this information the Purchasing Agent who will arrange for disposal of same.

The Purchasing Agent will check for complete description and then advertise in the local newspaper that certain "Surplus equipment" is available for sale.  Equipment such as typewriters, sewing machines, copy machines, projectors, etc., would be assessed for dollar value by a local distributor through the Purchasing Agent prior to sale, so fair market value would be made available.  Desks, chairs, etc. will be sold at price, depending on age and condition of same arrived at by the Purchasing Agent.

This ad would state time and location where equipment could be seen.  Prices would be set for each item and on completion of sale, pre-numbered receipts will be issued to purchaser, stating date, amount and type of equipment purchased.  All sales will be cash only on "As is", "Where is" basis.

On completion of sale, monies and receipt books will be turned over to the Finance Department.


Associated Forms

Surplus Equipment Form


Policy Review            

This policy will be reviewed by Director of Programs and Student Services within three years from the authorization date.



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