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Programs & Student Services Report: September 24, 2007
Published by Marjorie Graham [Marjorie Graham] on 09/27/2007 (2861 reads)
Programs & Student Services Report: September 24, 2007
Superintendent's Report - Programs & Student Services - September 24, 2007



In the upcoming school year, a new web-based student information system will be implemented in grades P-6. This user-friendly program called ‘Outcomes’, a proven solution for data collection and reporting needs of schools, is presently being used at Jubilee Elementary, Donkin-Gowrie, Bridgeport and George D Lewis. This is a big step forward in the management of student information and a positive change that will make teachers′ and administrators′ jobs easier.


During the month of September, the Coordinator of Student Services met with school psychologists and speech language pathologists to establish professional development for the upcoming school year.

A meeting was also held with Student Services Lead Teachers and the Student Services Consultant to review Lead Teams, establish a Student Services handbook and to talk about professional development opportunities that would be offered at school sites.

On September 19th, a meeting was held with new Student Services teachers and administrators. During the day, participants reviewed policy, guidelines, and documents from Student Services Department of Education. Individual Program Plans and differentiation of instruction were also presented.

On September 25th and 26th, the STEPS-To-Success teachers and selected guidance counsellors will be attending a 2-day workshop on the ‘Options to Anger’ Training Session provided by Department of Justice.


Since its establishment in 1973, the Official Language Monitor Program (now called ‘Language Assistants’), has had over 30,000 monitors participate in the program across Canada.

The Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board is fortunate to be a host to two full-time Language Assistants.

Pierre-Alexandre Bigras from Montréal, Québec is a trilingual, dynamic individual assigned to Greenfield Elementary School and Glace Bay Elementary School. Pierre-Alexandre will work first semester with students and teachers in the Intensive Core French and Core French programs at both these schools.

Josiane Durand from Granby, Québec is an enthusiastic addition to the staff of Whitney Pier Memorial Junior High where she will work with students and teachers in the Core French and Late French Immersion programs.

The aim of the Language Assistant program is to foster the use of Canada′s official languages by giving young people an opportunity to share their language and culture with students.


Grade 6 teachers in the CB-VRSB attended a workshop in September on how to implement the new math text. As well, three schools in our Board, Cape Smokey, Macdonald, and Mountainview have been selected by the Department of Education to participate in a developmental math program referred to as PRIME. Teachers in these schools, as well as administrators and all elementary resource teachers, will be in-serviced on this program. For each teacher, the Department is also supplying the math kits and manipulatives to support the program.

A group of elementary teachers have spent the past few months (at times during the summer and evenings) setting up 'model classrooms' in the empty wing of Florence Elementary. Teachers will attend PD workshops in these classrooms giving teachers a visual picture and understanding of what an interactive, hands-on, positively stimulating elementary classroom should look, sound and feel like. This will be particularly helpful for new teachers or teachers new to the elementary level. Professional development sessions will have teachers observe facilitators model aspects of the elementary program such as: a shared or guided reading session; using manipulatives in the classroom, and so on.


School Security

The provincial school security committee met in Halifax on September 14th at the Department of Education. Work continues on provincial guidelines that will be used by boards to develop security policies.

A meeting was also held with the new RCMP school security officer, Cons. Ryan Lewis and Cons. Ken Wallis of the Ingonish detachment to discuss programming and service options for our Victoria County schools in their jurisdiction.

Island Community Justice

A meeting of the CATCH (Children at the Critical Hour) project management committee was held. Program awareness, referrals/updates, outcome measures, follow-up protocols and the future of the program were among the topics discussed.

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