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PSS Report June 2007
Published by Marjorie Graham [Marjorie Graham] on 10/12/2007 (5159 reads)
PSS Report June 2007


Ambrose White, Coordinator

Youth Speaks Up Program

A meeting was held with Mr. Jack Yazer and Mr. Laurie Murchison in Halifax on May 8, 2007. Mr. Yazer is proposing that young people be randomly tested for drugs during their first years of driving. The presentation was very well received by government officials and follow-up is promised. The following attended this meeting:

Premier Rodney MacDonald

Honourable Angus MacIsaac, Minister of Transportation and Public Works

Honourable Karen Casey, Minister of Education

Honourable Murray Scott, Minister of Justice

Robert C. Fowler, Deputy Minister Office of the Premier

Judith Ferguson, Deputy Minister of Community Services

David Darrow, Deputy Minister Transportation and Public Works

Duff Montgomerie, Deputy Minister Health Promotion and Protection

Stephen Green, Principal Assistant to the Premier, Office of the Premier

Joe Gillis, Press Secretary, Office of the Premier

Robert Wright, Executive Director, Youth Services of Education

Dwayne Provost, School Health Coordinator, Education

Linda Smith, Executive Director, Mental Health, Children Services and Addiction, Health

Stephen Gallant, Director of Sport, Manager of Sport Animators, Health Promotion and Protection

David Horner, Director of Policing & Victim Services, Justice

Tracy Hannah, Policing Services Consultant, Justice

Mark Furey, Policing Services Consultant, Justice

Ralph Hessian, Director, Highway Engineering Services, Transportation & Public Works

Ambrose White, Coordinator of School Services, Sydney

Laurie Murchison, Principal, Malcolm Munroe Jr. High, Sydney

Gary Martin, Councillor, Halifax Regional Municipality

Inspector Matthew Lowther, RCMP, Halifax

Dr. Wayne MacKay, Professor of Constitutional Law, Dalhousie University

Community Liaison Officer – Glace Bay High

On Thursday May 10th, interviews were held for the position of Community Liaison Officer for Glace Bay High School beginning in September 2007. School Administration, Mr. White and Staff Sergeant Doyle from the Cape Breton Regional Municipality Police Services conducted the interviews. The successful candidate is Constable Lloyd Mercer.

School Security

A meeting on School Security was held in Halifax on May 24th and 25th. Another meeting was held on May 29th and 30th. A policy is being developed by the province in consultation with the Boards, and schools will then implement their own.

Mr. White continues to work with fellow Coordinators in Programs and Student Services in various capacities in elementary, secondary or Student Services.


Brenda MacIsaac, Coordinator

Literacy Consultant P-6, Donna Robson

Department of Education

Earlier in the month, the province held a planning and debriefing session of the Active Young Readers Initiative. Suggestions for next year were put forth by the participants. They include the roll out of documents, professional resources and teacher development.

Literacy Initiative for Teachers (LIFT)

LIFT′s implementation continues to roll out. Next year, 10 new sites will be added to the initiative. The management of this initiative will expand significantly in the fall as we will be involving seventeen sites at different phases.

Promoting Understanding for Lifelong Success (PPULS)

This initiative allows us to move professional development for teachers along the same continuum as the expectations of classroom practice. Focus groups are conferring and gathering artifacts that will be housed at the Florence site. We are looking towards an August opening of the facility.


Michelle Solazzo, Jason Kempt and Maxine Hardy are all actively mentoring. A document is being created to define our long range mentoring plans.

Primary Parent Fairs

A debriefing session was held in order to enrich the experience for next year.

Mathematics Consultant P-6, Sharon Boudreau

Van de Walle Book Study

The final session took place May 17 as a full day session. Participants were very committed to the Book Study. We had many in-depth conversations regarding the new math strategies and Van de Walle′s strong influence in the math community. Teachers had indicated how enriching the activities were when they presented them to the students in their classroom. The ‘sharing’ part of the sessions led to wonderful philosophical discussions.

Parent Information Night

On May 7, we held the third presentation of our Parent Information Night at Glace Bay Elementary. Principal Maurice Gouthro hosted our session; both he and his staff were very helpful in setting up for the evening. Also, Mr. Gouthro had a large sign posted outside the school advertising both the session at Brookland and the one at Glace Bay Elementary.

As a result of the positive response from those who attended, we will continue these presentations in the fall, including grade band break-out centres, and increase the number of venues. Parents indicated on both the written evaluations and through conversations that they now have a better understanding of the new math strategies.

These sessions would not have been possible without the contribution of dedicated teachers: Ron Muller, Cheryl Fricker, Sandra LeBlanc-Ward, Tara Colbert, Theresa Devoe, and Neeta Kumar-Britten.

Ron Muller and the Learning Carpet

The Learning Carpet is a giant hundreds chart on which the students, especially the kinesthetic, can learn not only strategies in math, but those from the other disciplines as well. There have been several requests from schools and individual teachers for Ron to do his presentation with the Learning Carpet. He has numerous activities to share with teachers which he has not only developed himself but also those by other teachers and the students themselves.

Some schools have adopted ingenious ways of making their own ‘Learning Carpets’ with paint, fabric, plastic, tape and/or other reasonably priced materials.


Ron Muller and Theresa Devoe are seeing an increase in requests for mentoring in both elementary and junior high respectively.

Early Mathematics Literacy Assessment

All grade three students in the province were assessed on June 5-7. These assessments will be marked in July, and the plan is to have the results to schools by late September - early October.

Math Support Plans

The Department of Education is in the process of preparing a support plan for grade four students in response to the results of the grade three assessment.

Summer Academy

Plans are underway to have our first four-day Mathematics Summer Academy. This year we will focus on the grade three curriculum. All teachers, including substitute teachers and students preparing to become teaches, are invited to attend. Participants will be provided with a binder containing units that cluster the outcomes of the Atlantic Canada Mathematics Curriculum: Grade 3 (clustered outcomes provided by David McKillop), daily workshops that focus on particular aspects of the content of these units, and suggested time frames for the units. This professional development session will take place Monday to Thursday, August 20 – 23. Information will be sent out to schools in early June.

Reading Recovery® Teacher Leaders / Early Literacy Consultants,

Paula Muise & Susan MacDonald

During the month of May, Teacher Leaders attended an Atlantic Regional Teacher Leader Meeting in PEI on May 11 to discuss issues relating to the new ′Literacy Lessons′ books introduced to teachers in September 2006.

Susan MacDonald attended a meeting in Halifax on May 18 with Janet Bright, Ann Power and Gisele Bourque and other teacher leaders from the province to help develop a template for preparing information to be included in our end-of-year site reports.

Training sessions and ongoing professional development sessions continue to take place regularly, as well as school visits and LIFT debriefing sessions within the Board and Consultant Meetings.

Arts Education Consultant, Cathy MacNeil

The month of May began with the voices of many students united in song with students from across Canada singing ‘Our Song’ on Music Monday, May 7. This day has been promoted by the Coalition for Music Education in Canada to demonstrate the important role music plays in our live and in schools. Fifteen CB-VRSB schools participated in the event this year.

During May, students in schools bands travelled to various locations throughout Canada and eastern U.S. participating in Music Festivals. These were not only musical experiences, but also educational, as students visited various museums and historic sites.

While many school concerts are held in May and June, two unique presentations should be noted. The first was a production of Black Light Theatre by the students at Holy Angels. It featured music from Saint Saen′s Carnival of the Animals and was presented to the public on Monday, May 28, 7:00 p.m., at Holy Angels High. Music and dramatique teacher, Susan Greaves, received a PDAF grant to support this very interesting project.

On Wednesday, May 30, 7:00 p.m., at Empire Theatre, there was a public showing of Sydney Academy Drama Group′s production of ZOMBIE ROMEO. Over 100 individual cast and crew members have been involved in the development of this film which displayed high quality technological, artistic, and cinematographic competencies. Drama teacher, Maynard Morrison, was also the recipient of a PDAF grant for this project.


A very successful CB-VRSB Historica Fair took place on May 3 and 4. One hundred and sixty projects involving 230 student presenters lined the halls of Cape Breton University′s Great Hall and Cafeteria. On May 4, over 1,200 students visited the fair and were also able to view either a choral presentation by students from St. Anne′s Elementary or Historica Minutes presented by Mira Road Elementary students.

The following projects will be attending the week long National Fair/ history camp in Lethbridge, Alberta, July 9-16:

  • 'Cape North Lighthouse′ (Jeffrey Grover, Gr. 9 student at Cabot High)
  • 'Stan Rogers: A Great Canadian′ (Angela Thomey, Gr. 5 student at Shipyard Elementary School)

Three committee members will also be traveling to Lethbridge as part of the Nova Scotia delegation: Janet Maillet MacInnis and Gordie MacInnis (Malcolm Munroe Jr. High), and Hugh MacKinnon (retired CB-VRSB teacher).

On Tuesday, May 8, the students receiving an Award of Excellence were present at the McConnell Library from 5:00-7:30 p.m., showcasing their projects. CBC Radio was present to interview students and offered support by airing many of the student calls to the answerback-line publicizing the fair.

Janice March, Memorial High School, Sydney Mines, has created an excellent website ( where a slide show of all projects may be viewed.

Library Services Consultant, Carmelita Cousins

Elementary Library Outcomes

The Board Library Committee has completed their draft of library outcomes for grades primary to six in areas of knowledge, skills and literature. These outcomes will be the foundation of the library program in all elementary grades. Secondary outcomes will be developed after the elementary outcomes have been approved and implemented. Outcomes were presented to the Director of Programs & Student Services, Coordinator of Program Services P-6, Board Library Committee and Library Technicians. Some fine tuning will be needed before they are approved.

Library Technicians

Library Technicians met on May 24 to welcome the new staff members. The agenda also included an overview of the success and achievements of the Board Library Committee as well as upcoming initiatives. During this meeting, staff also received numerous books from the surplus order. Staff left the building with a multitude of knowledge, ideas and resources.

Board Library Committee

The committee welcomed new members to the group. Preparations are already in place for the fall when this committee will present its mandate to secondary library programs. The Insignia Initiative was discussed, and revisions need to be made before final approval. Each draft proposal brings the project to a closer fruition.

Conference, October 2008

The executive of NSALT (Nova Scotia Association of Library Technicians) has requested the Library Technicians of the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board host a provincial professional development day for school library staff in the province in October 2008. Administration, the Library Committee and Library Technicians have given a thumbs-up approval to proceeding with the conference. Committees will be developed and all details need to be addressed. The conference already has the makings of a good Cape Breton Ceilidh!


David Crane, Coordinator

English Language Arts (7-12), Diane Brennick, Consultant

The Board Writers in Action 9 team spent three days at the Old Orchard Inn in Wolfville. They attended sessions on the resources to be sent to the grade nine ELA and content area teachers. They also went to a session presented by Penny Kittle about her book on students and writing strategies. As well, they went to sessions about: grammar, convention, audience and purpose. These implementation days will form the basis of professional development at the junior high level for next year.

The Literacy Success 10 team met for a debriefing session on May 23rd. Sheila Kublek provided an overview of Kurzweil, Arlene Andrecyk presented a session about language and Math, and other team members shared inservicing carried out at their sites. Diane Brennick reviewed what has been done with this initiative to date and informed them about a three day implementation workshop coming in October.

A provincial lead team meeting for Literacy Success 11 was held in May in Halifax, and Phonse Martell and Diane Brennick represented CB-VRSB on this lead team.

An infusion of novels/books at the grade ten level has arrived in all the high schools.

Nutrition for Learning, Debbie Madore, Dietitian

A Provincial Breakfast for Learning meeting was held in Halifax. The Committee continues to work on Provincial Breakfast Standards.

Ms. Debbie Madore, Nutrition for Learning Dietitian, is busy planning the Fourth Annual
Golf Tournament in support of Breakfast Programs. There are nineteen teams so far.

Ms. Madore is also planning a thank you breakfast for all Breakfast program volunteers, June 6, at Sherwood Park Education Centre.

There is a new breakfast program up and running at East Bay Site - now number 51.

Ms. Madore continues to work on the proposal for the Health Promoting Schools funding for next school year. The tentative presentation date is July 5.

Active Healthy Living, Cynthia McCormick, Consultant

  • This year with the help of the funding received from Health Promotion and Protection, 31 schools applied for, and received, financial support of up to $3000.00 to promote active lifestyles for students beyond the curriculum.
  • Fitness rooms were started or completed at St. Agnes Elementary, Baddeck Academy, Riverview Rural High, Sydney Academy, and Southside Learning Center.
  • Equipment was purchased by many schools to provide sports and activities such as volleyball, badminton, table tennis, snowshoeing, mountain biking, as well as small fitness equipment like stability balls, and pedometers, and small outdoor equipment for use during Active Recess and lunch.
  • Elementary student leadership programs were started at Mira Road and Bridgeport schools and support was continued for the leadership program at Sydney Academy.
  • St. Anne School participated in a skating program throughout the winter and enjoyed a healthy lunch before returning to class.
  • Cusack Complex, including Ashby and Cornwallis schools, has been supported to continue with the after school program that was established through the Active Kids Healthy Kids initiative.

A program aimed at girls grades 5-9 was also funded:

  • Students from 11 schools (8 elementary and 3 junior high) in the Northside area participated in a special program arranged at Platinum Fitness.
  • Angela MacLeod-Gratton presented a four-week dance program which closed with the girls performing for their families and friends.
  • Girls from three junior high schools in Glace Bay enjoyed a four-week program at Perry′s Gym under the direction of Marie Burroughs.
  • St. Agnes Elementary hosted a ten-week program of aerobics and invited students from Greenfield and Mount Carmel Elementary schools to take part.
  • The girls from Donkin (grade 5-9) are presently receiving instruction in Tae Bo, self-defense and Pilates from Bill and Collette Smith.

Along with the after school programs there were also some school/community programs supported by this funding.

  • All grade 4 students took part in a full day of activities at Cape Breton University. The students were instructed and supervised by CBU students and they participated in track and field, skating, soccer, basketball and trail activities.
  • Soccer Cape Breton travelled around the island and gave workshops to grade 5 students in more than 30 schools. This program was very well received by the students and the staff of the schools.
  • Ski Ben Eoin presented a pilot program introducing cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and leadership. Four schools participated in the pilot: Bridgeport Elementary, Dr. T.L. Sullivan Junior High, MacLennan Junior High and Riverview Rural High School.
  • The Cape Breton Track and Field Association has partnered with the Board to share equipment and help develop resources to advance the sport in our area.

Nutrition is also an important part of Active Healthy Lifestyles and funding has been provided to a number of schools to provide healthy snacks during after school activities. Schools have also hosted taste-testing days to introduce students to a variety of fruits and vegetables. Schools with cafeterias were given opportunities to try out new food selections that could be added to the menu.

Harbourside Elementary and Greenfield Elementary operate after school programs that are funded by Sport Nova Scotia. Each school has a program supervisor and student leaders from the local high school who are trained in First Aid and the High Five Program. The program consists of a homework session which begins at dismissal and a two hour activity program in the gym. The students from grade 3-6 can apply to participate in the program, they attend two days per week and every Friday is reserved for girls only. This year, Harbourside has had 122 students go through the program and they received the best score in the province on the time audit that is conducted each year (a requirement of the program is that the student must be active for 45 of 60 minutes). The staff and administration of both schools are very pleased with the program. It is well run and the students are engaged and happy.

Junior High Track and Field Day is scheduled for June 8th, 2007, starting at 9:30 a.m. The Elementary Track and Field Day has also been scheduled for June 15th. Both events will take place at the Atlantic Street Field, Sydney.

Community-Based Learning (O2), Rhonda Smith, Consultant

There are three high schools, Cabot High, Breton Education Centre and Glace Bay High offering the Options & Opportunities (O2) program to grade 10 students. This three-year program is a unique combination of high school credits and hands-on learning: in class, in the community and in the workplace. At the end of the program, students will have their high school diploma and a career plan. They will have the skills and experience they need to make an informed decision about the next step in their lives.

Cabot High School has 7 students, 3 females and 4 males. In the first semester, the students participated in a number of career exploration activities through research, field trips, and guest speakers. They visited the Alderwood Nursing Home, Keltic Lodge, MacLeod Resources in River Denys as well as Nova Scotia Community College, Strait and Marconi Campuses. They participated in an Entrepreneurial Fair and a Career Fair held at Cabot. Students have completed Passport to Safety which provides workplace Health and Safety awareness and will also work towards completing First Aid training, WHMIS and online health and safety 101. Students use the activities and experiences as part of their life/work portfolios. Five of the students who are 16 years old will start their work placement credit this semester.

Breton Education Centre has 13 students, 12 males and 1 female. In the first semester, the students also participated in a number of career exploration activities through field trips, research and guest speakers. First aid training, WHMIS and Passport to Safety are planned for second semester. All of the activities and experiences are a part of their life/work portfolio development. Six students started their co-op work placement in May. They have had class presentations and a field trip to Nova Scotia Community College, Marconi Campus returned in May to participate in week long sessions.

Glace Bay High began the O2 program at the start of the second semester. There are 16 students, all male, involved in the program. So far, they have had a class presentation from Nova Scotia Community College and will continue with career exploration throughout this semester.

Canada Wide Science Fair, True Burke, Chair, Cape Breton Regional Science & Technology Fair

Todd, Sheralynne and Mike competed against over 450 students from every province and territory at the Canada Wide Science Fair last week in Truro and came home with awards and cash prizes as well a true understanding as to where science can lead them in their future.

Sheralynne Deveaux, Riverview Rural High, won a bronze medal and a cash prize in her division for her comparative study on fish populations in the tar ponds and other local water systems.

Mike MacIssac and Todd Mercer, Riverview Rural High, won a silver medal in their division for their innovation: The Amazing ALTER LEG - a brace which decreases the length of time a person with a broken leg needs to use crutches.

Mike and Todd also won the Petro Canada Peer Innovation award and the SM Blair Family
Award for the project that merits application for a patent. Along with their medal, the boys won $1650.00 in cash for their numerous awards.

Together, Sheralynne, Mike and Todd also won 4,000 dollars in scholarships.

Next year's Canada Wide Science Fair is being held in Ottawa, ON.

Check out the Nova Scotia Department of Education News Release on the winners at:

Mathematics (7-12), Arlene Andrecyk, Consultant

Congratulations to the Sydney Academy Math League for their excellent showing at the Provincial Math League Final which took place in Halifax on May 12. The team placed fourth out of 22 participating teams. Bob Crane coached this team.

Math Department Heads from the high schools met on May 15 with Arlene Andrecyk and David Crane to discuss the Nova Scotia Math Provincial Examinations. Topics discussed included: 2006 Math 12 and Advanced Math 12 provincial examinations results, provincial and board math initiatives, strategies to support math teachers and students, and student assessment. Each department head brought a copy of the most recent test that was given to students in Math 12 and Advanced Math 12 this semester in their school. To enhance sharing and networking, copies were made of each test for each school.

Nova Scotia International Student Program, Tammy Sampson, Manager

Hello! My name is Cintia K. Vezzani and I am 16 years old. I was born in Brazil on March 21st, 1990 in Sao Paulo: the technological heart of my country.

I have been here in Sydney, Nova Scotia for about five months and I have no words to explain how amazing this exchange program is being for me! If there is one thing that I love to do is to learn new things, have new experiences, see different cultures and always do something out of my routine! Because if you stop to think about, life is too amazing and around this world we have a lot to learn (and, unfortunately, not enough time?)! So we should enjoy each moment in our best way! At least that is what I try to do?

Even the single things can make a difference! For example, on December 4th was the first time in my life that I saw snow, did a snowman and a snow fight! For all the Canadians, that was only another "white" day (and happily a day without school), but for my host sister (from Colombia) and I were one of the best days of our entire lives!

I won′t lie that is hard to be physically far away from my family and friends in Brazil, but as they gave me this incredible opportunity of being here I will enjoy it! I am getting involved in many things as possible. I am in Riverview′s Book Club (as I just love to read!) and in the Interact Club! On Saturdays I do volunteer work with kids with special needs, playing one hour with them in the gym and one hour in the swimming pool! It is nice to know that you are making somebody else happy! I am also in the Cheerleader team, just to learn the routine of a cheerleader, as this is an extremely North American culture (and see what those girls can do is unbelievable! It is just like in the movies!)!

Talking about my Canadian school (Riverview High School), is being a nice and different experience to study in such a big school with so many teenagers students! My school in Brazil is extremely small (with four hundred students from kindergarten to high school), but even so, the difference that makes you grow up!

There are always positives and negatives in both sides and I, honestly, try always to see the positive side of the things!

Another difference is that here we can choose the subjects that we want to learn and only have four subjects in each semester. In Brazil, however, we can′t choose and we have eleven subjects in the whole year! I, personally, prefer the Canadian way because here we can have more focus in the things we are learning, as we have the classes everyday! This semester I had Biology 12, Global History 12, English 11 and Dance 11. Have Dance class was something new for me (as we don′t have Dance class in my school in Brazil). In the semester that is coming I will have Advance Math 12, Gym 12, Art 11 and Tourism 11. I am taking Tourism because that is another class that I don′t have in my Brazilian school and also because I just love to travel, to see beautiful landscapes and be in contact with the Nature. I did half of the Cabot Trail and I was amazed with the sea and everything!

I love so much to travel that I have the wish of finishing high school, packing a bag and staying traveling around Europe for at least half a year! Three years ago I traveled from New York to Virginia (where my grandpa lives) and it was a really good trip, and even better for me because I was reading "Gone With the Wind" and in the same time I was in some places where the story took place! Right now I am reading "Relative Happiness", and the story is in this island (Cape Breton)! Joining my two passions: reading and traveling is always a wonderful thing to me!

An extremely different thing that I did on January 1st was to participate in the Polar Bear Swim! Swimming in that freezing water gave me the right energy to start this year in the best way!

The scenic island of Cape Breton has welcomed over 90 international students this year! The students have been treated to an array of seasonal activities including canoeing and hiking in the fall and skiing and ice skating in the winter.

Nova Scotian students in Cape Breton had the opportunity to travel to Brazil from Sydney Academy as part of a school-to-school exchange. The students had a fabulous time as they lived with host families and attended a local school. It was certainly an eye-opener for these students to see how their international friends live and how it feels to be a stranger in a different country.

Vocational Education, Ken Collier, Consultant

Registrations have been taking place for the upcoming school year, and the process of filling the vocational programs is ongoing. Indications are that enrollment is high, and shows that the emphasis on vocational education is an important aspect of many students school life.

On Wednesday, May 2/07, Memorial Composite HIgh received notification that they won the Nova Scotia Construction Safety Association award for having the safest school in Nova Scotia. Ken Collier and student Billy Sampson attended the awards ceremony in Halifax on May 18th. Billy had also won the Gold Medal in Workplace Safety, in the Skills Nova Scotia Competitions, and received an award as well.

Students in the carpentry and electrical programs are busy working on a project in conjunction with the Cape Breton Regional Fire Service. They are renovating a tractor trailer to develop a burn house for training firefighters. This is a great project which not only allows the students the opportunity to apply their skills, but to also see the importance of giving back to the community.

Students from our Grade 12 Cooking Program visited Bras d′Or Elementary and participated in their Heritage Day. Grade Primary and One students had the opportunity to make heritage cookies along with our students. A good time was had by all.

On Monday, May 28th, vocational students were involved in a presentation from the Workman′s Compensation Board concerning safety in the workplace.

The week of May 21-25th saw students from the Vocational Programs participate in Work Experience. This gives students the opportunity to participate in real worksites, apply the knowledge and skills that they have acquired, and experience life in their chosen profession, for at least a few days. Students always enjoy this opportunity, and many make great contacts for future job possibilities.

English Second Language, Stephanie Hynes, Teacher

Nova Scotia International Student Program: With the addition of a second teacher for English Second Language, students in our program have been able to receive more time. Most high school and junior high groups are now receiving two hours weekly - one hour of group instruction focusing on basic interpersonal communication and English for academic purposes, and a second hour consisting of a separate tutorial focusing on individual course work. Many of the Grade 12′s have spent their time preparing for the English 12 provincial exam. Exam support has begun to be put in place for these students and others who feel they may need the extra assistance during this time. Most schools have been great in taking the initiative to put these supports in place for our students. In addition to the opportunity for one-on-one support, English Department Heads, guidance counselors, and teachers have submitted requests for the available audio to provide further assistance to these students.

Landed Immigrant Students: At the beginning of May, our Board welcomed, what would be classified in our modern day society as, a large German family. We have seven new students ranging from ages 6-17, all with very low levels of English proficiency. Ms. Stephanie Hynes travels to Baddeck two days a week. With the help of their local school and our program, it is our hope that we′ve made their transition into our School Board a little easier. The school has made great use of the internet (translation sites), and software programs (Boardmaker). They have also tapped into their community resources and enlisted the help of former English Second Language students and their parents to help out at the school. Over the last two weeks, at the same school, Ms. Hynes has also had two Dutch students join the ESL classes in preparation for their first full academic year. We hope they are reassured to know that ESL support is available to them.

Professional Development: Ms. Rochelle Whitney and Ms. Hynes have set aside one afternoon per week to collaborate on the week′s work, and to organize resources and lessons. In addition to this, they are doing what they can to establish and compile necessary information on our landed immigrant students; specifically background information and an informal assessment of language proficiency. They have appreciated the financial support of the Board and the program to help accomplish their goals, all of which are intended to benefit and develop the ESL program.

Student Services

David Brennick, Coordinator

Literacy Support, Susan Kelley, Consultant

An information session was held with all Literacy Support teachers about the Junior High Literacy Assessment being written across the province by all grade 9 students on May 28th-31st. Schools have access to the website and are able to ask questions on-line. This seems to have worked quite well. The information packets for schools and parents about the JHLA was also received and distributed by schools. Elementary schools were surveyed about the current level of literacy support and any needs they might have. These surveys are still coming in and will be tabulated and results included in the year end report. Junior High principals expressed their desire to have literacy support teachers next year as they feel this has worked very well this year.

Two sessions were held with Elementary principals to address their concerns/questions about the Accreditation process. These sessions went well and were well received. An information session was also held for the principals of the 12 schools entering the process next year. Many questions were answered and a power point presentation was distributed to these schools for use with staff if desired. An understanding of the process and the benefits of work in accreditation continues to develop.

French Second Language, Laurie MacIntosh, Consultant

Gary Hood, Riverview Rural High School, placed third in Canada at the National Concours d′art oratoire 2007, held at the University of Ottawa, on Saturday, May 26th, 2007 (Late French Immersion Category). Gary was awarded a $2,000 entrance scholarship to University of Ottawa.

Glace Bay Elementary School will be the fifth site for grade six Intensive Core French for the fall of 2007. Laurie MacIntosh, French Second Language Consultant, facilitated a parent presentation on May 15th. There was a very strong turnout on the part of the parents.

Linda Negulic, Nova Scotia Department of Education, and Laurie MacIntosh will be visiting French teachers and classrooms of the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board, on May 30-31 to discuss available French library resources.

Many of our French Second Language teachers will be participating in French Professional Development Institutes and French Language Institutes during the summer. Teachers have received bursaries to attend summer sessions at Acadia Centre Linguistic de Jonqui?re as well as L′Istorlet (Les ?les de la Madelaine).

Ten French Second Language teachers of the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board received their Masters of Education (FSL) during graduation ceremonies at Université Sainte-Anne on May 5th, 2007.


Rick Simm, Coordinator

The ‘Instructional Support Team’, consisting of Sheila Kublek, Bill Tenant, Dorothy Tenant and Rick Simm, meets on a weekly basis for discussion and planning of instructional support/technology initiatives. The Team report follows.

A wide variety of work shops were delivered throughout the month of May for classroom teachers. A series of work shops for grades four to nine teachers were designed around classroom management and technology integration with a pod of four computers. As a unit, a workshop was provided on multimedia, databases/spreadsheets, file management and classroom management to the Instructional Support and Technology School Contacts.

Assistive Technology Consultant (Sheila Kublek)

May began with an invitation to a conference on Teaching Equity and Technology held at Mount Saint Vincent University. The conference was more of a focus group of school board personnel from across the province of Nova Scotia. It was hosted by Dianne Looker, lead researcher in the Teaching Equity and Technology study and professor at Mount Saint Vincent University. Dr. Looker was most interested in the thoughts and views of technology equity within the educational community.

There was an opportunity this month to present the role of assistive technology to the members of the Northside Rotary Club at one of their weekly meetings. Members of the Rotary Club were very interested in the role of assistive technology in the educational system and in the daily lives of children.

A new initiative has begun in the area of Student Services. We have been visiting elementary schools to assess current technology in the Student Services areas. It will be determined what schools and Student Services classrooms will need technology refreshment. This project will most likely continue throughout the 2007-2008 academic year. Onsite training was required and took place in schools such as Florence Elementary and Rankin School of the Narrows.

PD Consultant (Bill Tennant)

During the month of May, workshops were given to classroom teachers from grades P to 9 covering various technology topics.

Technology integration was a main focus. In the everyday classroom routine, teachers are challenged to use technology to meet grade level outcomes. A number of workshops were organized and implemented using various technology integration strategies. Many resources were outlined and tried by the teachers during the workshops. All in all, the material covered helped teachers achieve successful curriculum and technology strategies to use in their own classrooms.

The other focus area was classroom management strategies in a four computer classroom setting. This too is a challenging area for all classroom teachers. Many useful techniques old and new were outlined in the workshops.

Multimedia is a topic of great interest to many classroom teachers. The multimedia team has met several times and is planning to deliver a host of multimedia techniques during a four day training program during the first week of June that classroom teachers can use to enhance the learning environment.

From grades P to 9, a number of multimedia projects and assignments have been completed and viewed. These projects range from simpler presentations to more complex audio-visual examples, all relating to the successful completion of technology integrated curriculum outcomes in their respective classrooms.

School visits during the month of May were many. On occasion, site-based PD was done while most often classroom visits involved viewing technology integration within the curriculum during classroom lessons or projects.

IEIE Consultant (Dorothy Tennant)

Plans are being made to organize a twelve teacher team and a facilitator to attend a Department of Education Summer Institute on Technology Integration at the Community College in Truro this summer on July 22-25.

Teacher teams are working on Lesson Plans for the grade 4 – 6 lessons on the Teacher Resource Web Page. These are being published to the Teacher Resource Web Page.

School visits were made during the month. A series of workshops for upper elementary and junior high teachers took place on May 9, 10, 14, and 15. The topic was ′Teaching Strategies and Classroom Management in a Cluster Classroom with Technology Integration’.

The final Instructional Support School Liaison Workshop in the first series was held on May 23. These teachers will become another communication link between the Instructional Support/Technology Department and the schools.

Many calls and e-mails were made to ascertain technology needs, solve technology issues and touch base with administrators and teachers regarding technology use at the schools. Follow up work was completed or will be completed in the near future.


Cathy Viva, Coordinator

Student Services staff presented information and distributed facts sheets and materials at the Primary Fairs on April 30th, May 1st and 2nd. The response to the information and materials was very positive.

The PEBS Lead Teacher, Trevor LeBlanc, held a meeting for STEPS teachers and presented 2 computer programs for their use. The first program is a computerized functional, behavioral assessment which will allow the teachers to build appropriate individual behavioral plans. The second program allows teachers to teach consistent use of the HUG Program (hello, update, good-bye) and track the usefulness of the program.

On May 9th, the Student Services coordinator participated in a classroom presentation on Tourettes Syndrome at Sydney River Elementary. Also involved in the presentation were the classroom teacher, a parent, and a student who has been diagnosed with Tourettes Syndrome. The participation of, and the questions from the class members were encouraging to the presenters.

On May 22nd, the Student Services Coordinator participated in a presentation on epilepsy for the staff at Cape Smokey Elementary. Parents of a student entering the school presented information about epilepsy and their child. Response from the staff was very positive.

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