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PSS Report October 2007
Published by Marjorie Graham [Marjorie Graham] on 10/23/2007 (4135 reads)
PSS Report October 2007


Lynn Crawford, Coordinator

Mi′kmaq Education

Sheldon Googoo, Mi′kmaq Consultant has been extremely busy making contacts, visiting schools, and actively seeking resources to assist with the development of the position. Sheldon has also worked with three students to submit applications for the Foundation for Aboriginal Youth bursaries. After viewing a document, Ms. Crawford noticed there were no recipients from our Board, and Mr. Googoo immediately contacted eligible students. Applications were submitted by three students and Mr. Googoo reviewed their completed applications before submission.

Mr. Googoo met with Eleanor Bernard, Director of Mi′kmaq Education, and she informed him that all Directors of Education in Nova Scotia, federal representatives and provincial representatives meet regularly. Mr. Googoo was asked to join the committee. Mr. Googoo met with the CEO of Membertou and will be meeting with the Chief and council in the near future.

A Mi′kmaq History Month package has been compiled and will be distributed to each principal in the Board. Mr. Googoo has also dealt with two incidents this month regarding Mi′kmaq students. Mr. Googoo and Ms. Crawford met several times during the month to debrief.

Student Support Workers (SSW)

The two new Student Support workers are now working independently after job shadowing for the first few weeks. Margaret Estwick is based at St. Anne Elementary and Shaun Parris is based at Breton Education Center. Noreen MacKinnon and Dionne Romard were wonderful with providing assistance and support to the new members. Together they visited schools, met with principals and set up the new offices.

The student support workers have collectively worked on a few initiatives this month. They include a new pamphlet to distribute to staff and parents, seeking funding for student initiatives (programming) and connecting with community groups to work collectively to support black learners.

The SSWs and Ms. Crawford met several times in the past month to conduct inservicing and debrief about incidents. An apparent problem with several students is the reluctance to attend school. SSWs will be monitoring these situations closely. A proposed schedule has been designed for school visits, but may require amendments due to case load per school.

RCH Lead Team

The RCH lead team met on October 2 to discuss the RCH policy and the vision for RCH school reps. The group has agreed to take the policy home to review and reconvene on November 27 with changes. We will also finalize plans for the RCH School Rep inservice, tentatively scheduled for January 10-11, 2008.

Four Plus

A meeting was held in Glace Bay on October 3 regard the Four Plus program. Dr. Kakembo of the African Canadian Services Division was in attendance and answered many questions. Unfortunately, the AFCAN Learning Society was not in attendance. Dr. Kakembo expressed the need to meet with the society and identified the need for change, as the initial committee may no longer have an interest since their children are now in grade five. Twelve (12) names of African Nova Scotian children were collected at this meeting for the program.


Ms. Crawford attended several meetings in the past month and has been invited to partake in many RCH initiatives. She has also contacted various committees and agencies to introduce herself.

School Visits

Ms. Crawford has begun school visits, introducing herself to principals. It is her hope to visit each school by the middle of November.


Rick Simm, Coordinator

The ‘Instructional Support Team’, consisting of Sheila Kublek, Bill Tenant, Dorothy Tenant and Rick Simm, meets on a weekly basis for discussion and planning of instructional support/technology initiatives. The Team report follows. All consultants were heavily involved in a major PD initiative to bring a new Student Information System (SIS) to elementary schools.

The first phase of training for the program called ‘Outcomes’ which included teacher login, editing student information, attendance, reports and checklists has been completed. The month of September was spent visiting Elementary Schools within our board to provide customized training to each classroom teacher and school administrator. The program was very well received by school staff. All elementary schools are now using ‘Outcomes’ for attendance.

IEIE Project – Dorothy Tennant, Consultant

The IEIE program is targeting grade 10 this year. All the hardware has arrived at the Technology Center. School placements have been determined. We are now working on determining curriculum software needs for each high school. Plans are being fine tuned for PD for grade 10.

A Smartboard PD session was held at SMJH on September 5. Planning for Sydney River Elementary P-3 technology integration site based mentoring is taking place.

PD Technology, Bill Tennant, Consultant

Principals continued to make requests for help with their school web pages. A number of school web pages have been updated to the Content Management System (Xoops) and teachers have been trained in how to setup and maintain their school web site.

Requests for web mail accounts from teachers are ongoing.

Planning for upcoming PD for Grades 10 teachers and other IEI integration initiatives in the coming months is ongoing. Integration of technology will be the main focus.

PD plans for Multimedia Mac training are also in the works for November and December. These plans are in the initial stages at this point but it is proposed to bring 15 classroom teachers together at Mount Carmel for in-depth multimedia training using I- Macs. Also, planning for the Instructional Support Tech Lead Teachers is in the works.

Assistive Technology – Sheila Kublek, Consultant

In the field of assistive technology, September proved to be a time of transition for many students and teachers. It was necessary to make school and home visits to assist with the placement of appropriate software and hardware. Intellitools workshops were held for teachers, teacher assistants, and parents.

All members of the Assistive Technology Assessment Team and Kurzweil Team have been contacted. Invitations have been issued to several teachers and SLPs to become members of our teams. As well, many thanks to team members who have chosen to depart from the team due to other commitments or new interests. Their participation was valuable and greatly appreciated. We look forward to the beginning of a new year in providing resources, student support and professional development to all within the Cape Breton Victoria Regional School Board.


Brenda MacIsaac, Coordinator

Literacy P-6 - Donna Robson, Consultant

Department of Education - The roll out of a new spelling document is scheduled for March 2008. Donna Robson and Jason Kempt have been invited to be part of the provincial presentation team. Donna Robson has also been invited to sit on a six member committee to discuss the primary program in relation to the proposed age change.

Board TIA (Teaching in Action) - The document will be introduced to sites by the liaison teachers later this calendar year.

Common Assessment – A common assessment for grade primary was created by teachers and presented to them the first week in September. The purpose of the data is to inform and support classroom practice.

Mentoring, Mentors, LIFT, PULS

Mentors – The Board′s literacy mentoring has expanded to include the following positions: Michelle Sollazzo – 50% Reading Recovery and 50% Literacy Mentor at Harbourside;

Maxine Hardy – 100% New Teacher Mentor/Math and Literacy;

Jason Kempt – 40% grade six and 60% Mentor (Northside sites);

Geraldine Beaver – 50% Reading Recovery and 50% Literacy Support (George D. Lewis, Riverside, Donkin/Gowrie);

Thelma Libbus – 50% grade one and Literacy Support (Shipyard, Cornwallis/Ashby).

Mentors meet on Thursday afternoons to share and plan as a team. The demands of the site are the deciding factor in their planning process. Teacher requests for mentoring continue to grow and are being supported by site administration. All mentors have been involved in depth in the Florence project.

LIFT – (Literacy Initiative for Teachers) LIFT will involve twenty sites this year. The sites that are going into the third year of the initiative have established their own site based action plan. All third year plans have been supported, and letters of intent have been forwarded to the staff at each school. Each plan is diverse and reflects the strengths and identified needs of the site they represent. On October 1, all first and second year LIFT sites came together at Shipyard School for an introductory session. The session was hosted by Paula Muise, Susan MacDonald, Michelle Sollazzo and Donna Robson. The day was strongly supported by the administration of each site involved.

PULS (Promoting Understanding for Lifelong Success) – The teams involved in this professional learning community have been collaborating extensively on the Florence model classrooms. The goal of the model classrooms initiative is to link family, school and community. Three model classrooms and a parent/staff room have been created and the intentions are to continue with an early childhood learning center.

Mathematics P-6 - Sharon Boudreau, Consultant

Summer Academy

Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board held its first Summer Academy in August. Over four days, 44 enthusiastic teachers were involved in activities around the clustering of the grade three outcomes. It was so well received that we are planning to do two next summer using grades two and four curriculums.


There have been three mentor Secondments: Ron Muller, 100% elementary; Theresa Devoe, 100% junior high; and Susan LeBlanc-Ward, 60% elementary. Several other mentors will continue to provide ongoing mentoring on a part-time basis. Mentoring requests continue to grow.

Grade Three Assessments

The assessments were corrected this summer with a large number of teachers from our Board involved. The results should be available to be downloaded in October.

Grade Four Support Plans

Grade four teachers will create support plans for students identified by the assessment as not yet meeting expectations. Resource teachers will support the teachers. There will be professional development around those plans beginning in October.

PRIME (Professional Resource and Instruction for Mathematics Educators)

PRIME is a research-based professional learning initiative using a developmental approach. Ron Muller, Maxine Hardy, Susan LeBlanc Ward, Arlene Andrecyk, and Sharon Boudreau have become trained facilitators. Elementary resource teachers and math mentors will receive kits and three days of PRIME training. The main purpose is to support grade four teachers in their implementation of the support plans for students identified as not yet meeting expectations. This training will assist resource teachers in working with all students struggling with math. Three schools were successful in becoming pilot schools for this program: Mountainview, Cape Smokey, and Macdonald Elementary. Teachers will also receive the kits and three days of PRIME training.

Grade Six Text

Grade six teachers received ‘Math Makes Sense’ texts and professional development to guide them in the proper use of those resources. This series is now in grades 3-6.

October Plans:

Grade Four Support Plans

The first professional development day for support plans will be held at three venues.

Parent Information Night

There will be evening information sessions at three locations throughout the Board for parents to discuss mathematics, grades primary to six. The purpose is to help parents gain a better understanding of what children are learning.

Arts Education - Cathy MacNeil, Consultant

Meetings of arts educators took place September 19 and 20 at the Staff Development Center. New staff was welcomed and encouraged to establish connections with experienced staff in order to support their teaching throughout the year. The Arts website is an excellent venue for information sharing. It displays a personnel directory and offers a calendar where teachers may post presentations/performances.

Staff was also encouraged to continue to present student art work and performances by music and drama groups. Such presentation/performance opportunities within the school community and the community at large offer valuable learning experiences as students can reflect on and critique their performances with the goal of improvement.

On October 4, Seton Elementary Choir, under the direction of Paula Jane Francis, performed in the Voices for Hospice Concert that took place at Sacred Heart Church.

Paula Jane and Mary Jane Ross direct the Northside Honor Choir which has been selected to perform at PODIUM 2008 in Sackville, New Brunswick, on May 15-18. This is an annual event where choral conductors and choirs gather to improve skills and hear outstanding Canadian choirs. Northside Honor Choir is to be congratulated on their accomplishment, as this fine choir underwent an audition process to be selected.

Many arts educators in the Board are involved in planning the upcoming October Conference ‘Taking Flight in the Arts’ which will take place in Baddeck on October 25, 26 & 27. To support arts integration in many subject areas, a strand of sessions for classroom teachers is also being offered. Dr. Eric Favaro is chairing this year′s conference and has arranged for the Board of the Canadian Music Educators Association to meet in Baddeck during this event.

Reading Recovery® Paula Muise & Susan MacDonald, Teacher Leaders/Early Literacy Consultants

The school year began with two days of professional development on September 4 & 5 with the professional development group. The training group also started their assessment training.

The training group, led by Susan MacDonald, completed four assessment training sessions and one inservice session. The ongoing professional development groups, led by Paul Muise, each attended one session this month.

Reading Recovery Teachers met as a group on September 28 for a day of professional development with the focus on completing observation survey summaries for our children. These summaries are critical components of the Reading Recovery process, as they serve to guide our teaching.

The month also included one Consultant Meeting on September 19 and a number of school visits to our teachers in training.

Susan MacDonald is also teaching two students daily at Shipyard Elementary School.

Library Services - Carmelita Cousins, Consultant

Board Library Committee

The first meeting of the Board Library Committee for this school year will be on October 18. This year, the committee will continue with policy development and program standardization. In January, 2008, the committee will have been in existence for two years and will have achieved many items which reflect the vision of the library program within the CBVRSB.

Surplus Order

In early September, over 195 boxes of books were delivered to various schools from the surplus order of the spring. With only a handful of boxes left to catalogue, this infusion of resource materials for school library collections will provide all grades with excellent books on diversity. Feedback from teachers, principals and library staff is very positive on the quality and appropriateness of these additional resources.

Nova Scotia Association of Library Technicians (NSALT):

On Wednesday, September 5, all Board Library Staff had a meeting in preparation to host the NSALT Conference in October 2008. During this meeting, brainstorming ideas and committees began. With tasks assigned and committees formed, Library Technicians are now ready to begin preparing to host ‘Cape Breton Ceilidh With Books’.


David Crane, Coordinator

English Language Arts (7-12), Diane Brennick, Consultant

This summer, a number of our secondary English teachers were at the English 12 marking session. This is by far one of the best professional development opportunities for teachers. There will be no March marking session this year.

A number of our English Language Arts teachers and Diane Brennick, Language Arts Consultant (7-12), also attended the Mentor/ Coaching Module 12 from the Nova Scotia Educational Leadership Consortium in August. This expertise in mentoring will be a valuable resource for our board.

The first newsletter for English Language Arts teachers (7-12) was sent out to all senior and junior highs. It is filled with interesting dates and information that is current and useful for teachers.

Plans for a sharing day and refresh for all teachers giving the Nova Scotia Examinations English 12 to students will be held in October.

Our Board Lead Team for Literacy Success 11 attended an implementation session in Halifax on October 10th, 11th and 12th. Phonse Martell and Diane Brennick presented a number of sessions at this event as they are part of the provincial lead team for this initiative. We are also collaborating with Lauren Furdas from the Eskasoni Board.

A number of requests from teachers has resulted in numerous resources being sent out to schools.

Binders have been sent out to all Senior high schools to provide teachers with resources for students experiencing difficulty with reading or writing. This was done to help with students who have been or will be identified as needing Literacy support at this level.

Nutrition for Learning, Debbie Madore, Dietitian

Ms. Madore continues to work on Provincial Breakfast Standards with the Provincial Committee.

The Fourth annual golf tournament in support of Breakfast programs held on June 22nd at Bell Bay in Baddeck raised $15,500.

A thank you breakfast for all Breakfast program volunteers was held on June 6th at Sherwood Park Education Centre. It was well attended and appreciated by all volunteers and major sponsors.

A new breakfast program is up and running at Boularderie. There are now up to 52 programs in schools throughout the Board. Most programs were up and running for September. The remainder will be running in October.

Ms. Madore presented the proposal for the Health Promoting Schools funding on July 5th in Halifax. We were successful in receiving $81,000 for this school year.

Ms. Madore attended the Provincial Steering Committee for Health Promoting Schools in Halifax, with Dwayne Provo. Mr. Prova attended a meeting at our Board with the Health Promoting Schools work group in September.

Ms. Madore is working on the Health Promoting Schools application for our schools for this school year. She hopes to have them out to schools in October.

Canadian Living Foundation, Nova Scotia Counsel, has awarded our board $15,000 to support Breakfast Programs for this school year.

Active Healthy Living, Mary Lou Andrea, Consultant

Things are in full swing in the field of physical education and health. Many teachers are involved with after school soccer and running programs. Many schools are also preparing for the Doctors Nova Scotia Fiddlers Youth Run which will be held late in October. Health Promoting Schools grants will be available shortly to schools to increase physical activity and healthy eating among our students. A variety of initiatives to increase the physical activity levels of girls will be promoted through our program, ‘It′s a Girl Thing’.

New curriculum guides and resources for all levels are being developed. Many new elementary active healthy living resources are now available on the authorized book list. A Question of Influence, a curriculum resource for junior high students will be available shortly.

Holy Angels will be one of the pilot schools to introduce Fitness Leadership 11 this year.

Physical Education 10 is in draft form and implementation workshops will take place in April.

Health/Personal Development and Relationships 7, 8, and 9 will now be known as Healthy Living, Grades 7, 8, and 9.

Community-Based Learning (O2), Rhonda Smith, Consultant

The O2 teachers from BEC, Glace Bay High and Cabot attended a two-day workshop on August 23rd & 24th in Halifax. New initiatives and resources from the Department of Education for the school year 2007-2008 were presented to the group.

There are a total of sixty-five students in O2 this year at the three schools. The program has seen an increase of female students at each site.


grade 10

Grade 11

grade 12





















Glace Bay







School visits to O2 classes have been made by Rhonda Smith and Barbara Burke, College Prep Coordinator, Nova Scotia Community College (Marconi), on September 17th, 18th, and 25th. A presentation on Nova Scotia Community College programs, particularly the ones offered at Marconi Campus, was made to the O2 students.

November 14, 2007 has been designated as ‘O2 Marconi Day’ for all O2 students to come and experience the different aspects of the campus. Group test drives and individual test drives are also being scheduled throughout the year.

O2 students from Cabot High participated in two workplace tours at CBC radio and Ron May Pontiac on September 20th. On September 21st, three of the students were guests on CBC Information morning (taped interview) and talked about the O2 Program and how it has helped them make some decisions for their future.

Peter Smith, O2 Consultant from the Department of Education, will visit O2 schools on October 11th and 12th to meet with administrators, teachers and students.

On September 17, 2007, Rhonda Smith and JoAnn Binns, Invest in Youth, made a presentation to the Directors of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality. Rhonda Smith presented an overview of the Options & Opportunities Program and Co-op Education Program in our schools. JoAnn Binns presented Invest in Youth with the intent of having Cape Breton Regional Municipality sign on to the Employer database. The information presented was well received and the Directors appeared to be very interested in our school programs.

Mathematics (7-12), Arlene Andrecyk, Consultant

Nine math teachers attended the Mathematics Essential 11 Implementation Workshop on August 29-30, 2007 in Halifax.

Ten teachers attended the Nova Scotia Examinations Math 12 marking session in Halifax from August 14-17, 2007. Teachers felt this was valuable professional development.

The Senior High Math Committee met on September 27, 2007. Topics discussed included: the Nova Scotia Examinations Mathematics 12 and Advanced Mathematics 12 for 2006-2007 and 2007-2008; cumulative testing; student assessment; resource material; and networking in the school and among schools.

Students from the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board will participate in the High School Math League 2007-2008.

Plans are underway to have a Junior High Math League Game in the 2007-2008 school year for junior high students in the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board.

On October 2 and 3, 2007, grade seven math teachers attended a Geometry in-service at the Staff Development Centre, North Sydney to support teachers with the new geometry outcomes in the curriculum.

In the 2007-2008 school year, Memorial High School is offering Math 10 Plus for the first time. On June 25, 2007, Math 10 Plus teachers from Sydney Academy and Glace Bay High School met with the Memorial Math 10 Plus teachers. Teachers discussed a time frame for the course, instructional strategies, assessment and resource material. All teachers who attended felt this was a very valuable meeting. In September, Math 10 Plus teachers continued to network and the group expanded to include Math 10 Plus teachers from Riverview.

Nova Scotia International Student Program, Tammy Sampson, Manager

September was a busy month for the NSISP! We welcomed 57 new students along with our 11 returning, for a total of 68 students representing countries from Korea, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Taiwan, Hong Kong, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Venezuela and Colombia.

The 2007 fall Orientation was very successful. Our 58 new students participated in the orientation held at the Margaree Lodge. Students spent the day at the Lakes Resort where they enjoyed kayaking, swimming, bumper boats, paddle boats, canoeing, and go karts. That evening they danced, played pool and basketball and got to know each other. Students also took part in several workshops – building good relationships, rules and regulations, physical fitness and nutrition, and culture shock.

The homestay coordinators hosted welcome barbeques for new and returning students.

Seven of our students took part in the Nova Scotia International Student Program Toronto-Niagara Falls cultural trip October 3rd – 8th.

English Second Language: As of Monday, September 25th, a second ESL position was created. Stephanie Hynes and Geoff Lawrence have been working together to create new schedules to support international and immigrant learners in ESL.

Sydney Academy elected two international students to student council. They also created a student liaison group to help the international students with their transition to their new school. Monthly pizza lunches are underway. A Sydney Academy student was interviewed by the Cape Breton Post. A trip around the Cabot Trail will take place during October.

Glace Bay High band association rented a Contra bass for one of their students so she will have one to keep at home to practice. They made the newspaper with a birthday celebration. They have also begun monthly pizza lunches for students.

Riverview′s newly formed student liaison committee met with students the day before school, along with full student council, who answered many questions about things such as clubs, teams, and other activities. Students were introduced at school assembly on the first day of school. First pizza/birthday/lunch meeting was held in early September. In early October, students will be going on an annual Cabot Trail/Ingonish hiking-sightseeing excursion.

Sherwood Park Education Centre students are trying out for different sport teams.

Breton Education Centre Cultural Trip: Irene Grezel arranged to take students to the Miner′s Museum on September 17, 2007. Irene has also scheduled a trip to Fright Night at the Wildlife Park in Mira. This is in conjunction with Halloween. The school also hosts monthly pizza lunches.

The Nova Scotia International Student Program presented all school liaison staff with NSISP school bags. 10th Anniversary golf shirts were also purchased for many school board staff members.

Vocational Education, Ken Collier, Consultant

The Vocational Department at Memorial Composite High School has been very busy since the start of the school year. Many classes are full, although there are still some openings in some programs.

Safety Orientation and WHMIS training with our Co-Op students has been completed, and many of the shops have been scheduled for this training as well. WHMIS, First Aid, and CPR training are also being scheduled for future dates.

Our school is in the process of ordering a defibrillator. We include defibrillator training in our first aid courses, and we feel that it will be a valuable asset to our school. Funds will used from our Nova Scotia Construction Safety Association Award that we won in the spring of this year.

The Carpentry and Electrical students are continuing to work on the training trailer for the Cape Breton Regional Fire Service. This project not only allows the students to showcase their skills, but also instills upon them the need for community involvement in our area.

Mr. Kent Brewer, our Electrical Instructor, has requested that we purchase the ‘Senteo’ interactive response system which works in conjunction with a Smart Board. With this system, you no longer have to wonder if students understand what you′ve taught them, they can tell you with a click of a button. This will be a valuable asset for the assessment of students, and once again, uses technology in our classrooms.

The Cooking and Dining Room Services students are busy with their programs and the running of the newly named ‘Memorial Café’. Since our renovations in the spring, students and staff have been very pleased with our new facility. Some catering has already taken place for various functions.

Plans are also taking place in an effort to host some of the Skills Nova Scotia Competitions in the spring. Meetings with representatives from Skills Nova Scotia are planned for the near future.

Accreditation was the topic for the Professional Development day on September 28/07.

Staff has been very supportive of one another in implementing new technology into the classrooms. Assistance has been provided in the area of computers, smart boards, and LCD projectors to support instruction.

Vocational students were also involved in the Terry Fox Run for cancer research, which was held on Thursday, September 27/07. This year′s run was held in memory of our former Vice-Principal, Ian Lovett. All students were encouraged to attend.

English Second Language, Geoff Laurence, Teacher

The month of September signals the beginning of another school year. It is a very busy month getting to know the students, assessing their needs and implementing support. Our board has 39 landed immigrants and Canadians, whose first language is not English, in school this year. The landed immigrants are in Baddeck, Iona, Sydney Mines, Boularderie, Sydney, Glace Bay, and New Waterford. The Nova Scotia International Student Program (NSISP) has 68 students in various junior and senior high schools. Some of these international students are returning from last year or previous years. In addition to the NSISP students, there are also a couple of Walk-In Students.

September 17–21: A schedule was in place for this week and assessments of all ESL students who were known to be in our schools began. This assessment involved an oral test (listening and speaking), a reading test and, in some cases, a written component. The tests were age and grade level appropriate. At the elementary level, the tests centered on readiness for their level. The circuit was a large one with many students requiring support. The time available to meet the students was limited.

September 24–27: The survey of landed immigrants in our schools was received this week and it showed 4 additional schools with ESL students. The highest need was in Greenfield with 5 students who spoke Inuit. There were also new students at Mountainview Elementary, Cusack and St. Anne Elementary. Most of the students who were already on the schedule had been assessed and support classes started. The classes focused on listening, speaking, reading and writing. Some time was spent initially on vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. There are some international students who are contemplating whether to take the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). This test is required at many universities in Canada and the United States prior to admission, if English is not the student′s first language. They will be offered some help in preparing for this test.

Stephanie Hynes has returned to the ESL program and we all welcome her back. Stephanie′s return will permit us to spend more time with the students who are in the most need of assistance.

Upcoming events: A great professional development activity will be offered next May when TESL NS (Teaching English as a Second Language) and TESL NB co-host the national TESL conference in Moncton, New Brunswick. It is scheduled to be held from May 29–31, 2008.

Sports Animator, Jim MacEachern

Jim MacEachern, Sport Animator, joined the Facilities Improvement Committee of the Track and Field Association of Cape Breton. This committee met through the months of August and September, with officials from Cape Breton Regional Municipality, working to expand the present five lane track at Atlantic Street in Sydney, to an eight lane competition track.

The Sports Animator met with Janet Barlow, Active Safe Routes to School Coordinator from Halifax, looking to link some local schools with the ‘Active Safe Routes to School Incentive Project’.

Mr. MacEachern has also joined and met with the Fiddler′s Run Youth Division, assisting committee members in preparation for their October 27th run. Mr. MacEachern is working on developing a ‘School Participation Scholarship’ which would be presented each year to a school participant.

Jim met with a representative of Bridgeport School to assist in preparation planning for a ‘Physical Activity After School Year Long Program’.

Health Promoting Schools Committee has commenced meeting and planning for the 2007– 2008 school year. Funding applications are being finalized for distribution to schools.

The Sport Animator had the opportunity to receive a tour of the newly completed outdoor facilities adjacent to Mount Caramel and Breton Education Centre Schools. The facilities are an excellent standard for the province to strive to achieve in all areas enabling children and adults the opportunity to partake in a number of outdoor physical activities. Kudos to the hard work done by the Facilities Committee.

Jim met with Life Saving Society Administration in Halifax, as he gathers information and data, in developing a proposal for a ‘Swim to Survive / Learn to Swim Program’ for the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board.

Student Services

David Brennick, Coordinator

French Second Language, Laurie MacIntosh, Consultant

On September 28th, a successful professional development day was held at Glace Bay High School for Senior High Core French/Integrated French teachers on the topic of implementing global simulations into the classroom. Facilitator for the workshop was Jean-Claude Bergeron, French Immersion Consultant, Department of Education.

Mentoring will be available again this year for Core French teachers (grades 4-12). Trained mentors include Marilyn MacGillivray, Leah Hopkins and Laurie MacIntosh. Teachers interested in the mentoring program for 2007-08 met on October 3rd at Greenfield Elementary.

Oral proficiency interviews have been completed with students at all five Intensive French sites (grade six). Trained evaluators include Suzanne AuCoin, Laurie MacIntosh and Tony Orlando. Oral post-testing will take place at the end of the semester to monitor students′ progress.

Gerald Felix, French Consultant, Department of Education, Dr. Joan Netten (MUN) and Dr. Claude Germain(UQAM), developers of Intensive French will visit our Board on October 31st, November 1st and 2nd. They will visit with teachers and students at the five pilot schools offering Intensive French.

Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board will host a provincial inservice for all Intensive French teachers and Consultants from across the province. The inservice will be held on November 2nd at Greenfield Elementary School.

Celeste Foisy-Lahey (Riverside Elementary) continues to represent the Department of Education on a sub-committee to review and develop follow-up resource materials for students having gone through the Intensive French program. She will attend the third meeting of this committee in Montreal on October 1-5, 2007. Dr. T.L. Sullivan Junior High hosts a class of these students in grade seven Francais Approfondi.

Language Assistants have been placed in French classes within the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board. Pierre Alexandre Bigras is assigned to Greenfield and Glace Bay Elementary schools, while Josiane Durand is assigned to Whitney Pier Memorial Junior High. The aim of the Language Assistant program is to foster the use of Canada′s official languages by giving young people an opportunity to share their language and culture with students.

Upcoming initiatives for French Second Language include:

November 16th: Bilingual Career Exploration Day, Membertou Trade and Convention Centre.

November 19th-20th: Visit by Anne Baccardax, Director, French Language Services, Department of Education.

November 29th: Workshop for Junior High Late French Immersion Language Arts teachers.


Susan Kelley, Acting Coordinator

Susan attended a meeting in Halifax to make Boards aware of a program/philosophy called ′Virtues Education′ which deals with promoting a positive climate/self-esteem in our schools and which fits in nicely with PEBS. Ms. Kelley brought materials back for Trevor LeBlanc to use with students and schools and he is impressed with this program so we will order some of these materials.

Work continues with schools on our security policy and a meeting will be held in the near future to look at a plan for this year.

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