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Programs & Student Services Report: October 29, 2007
Published by Marjorie Graham [Marjorie Graham] on 10/30/2007 (2933 reads)
Programs & Student Services Report: October 29, 2007
Superintendent's Report - Programs & Student Services - October 29, 2007



Through the provincial IEI program, approximately 150 computers, software, infrastructure, peripherals and professional development will be provided to high schools, particularly at the grade 10 level. The computers have arrived and when appropriate software is installed, delivery to the schools will soon be made. Professional development for teachers will start in November.


A highlight for SSW this month was October 19th; as they took grades 7-10 African Nova Scotian Students to Truro for the Erik Cork writing workshop. The workshop was titled-Rap, Rhythm and Rhyme: Rebuilding the Writing Foundation. Mr. Cork focused on the basic elements of writing while incorporating music, humor and drama. The workshop was sponsored by the Black Educators Association.

The feedback from the students was excellent, and they are already looking at writing in a different light. The students in attendance came from all communities and developed new friendships. The Student Support Workers recommend Erik Cork as a possible presenter for our board.


Resource teachers at the elementary level have been engaged in a series of workshops regarding the elementary, grade three math assessments. One workshop is to help resource teachers assist the grade four teachers with developing plans for students who do not meet the expectations of the assessment. The second workshop is built around the PRIME math program which is a program recommended by the Department of Education for students receiving resource. The program will be a welcomed addition to resource rooms and classrooms in our region. The workshops are being presented by the elementary math consultant.


The focus of the late September two-day training session for this year′s twelve Accreditation Schools was the Internal Review component of the Accreditation process. Many of this year′s 12 Accreditation communities used the Regional School-Based Professional Development Day (September 28th) to work on their analysis of data provided by Evaluation Services, Department of Education. This data, which is based on surveys distributed to students, staff, and parents/guardians, is but one source used by schools to assess their strengths and areas in need of improvement.


October was a busy month for provincial assessments at the elementary level. This is the fifth year our Grade six students have written the Early Literacy Assessment (ELA), while it has been the first year for the Early Elementary Language and Literacy Assessment (ELLA) for our Grade three students. Both assessments were administered in October, and while the ELA will be centrally scored in Halifax, in mid-November by a provincial team of teacher markers, the ELLA will be regionally scored by all of our Grade three teachers. This is expected to be a valuable professional development opportunity for our teachers.


English Second Language, Geoff Laurence, Teacher

October 1st marked the start of the new timetables with two teachers teaching English as a Second Language support for the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board. Stephanie Hynes and Geoffrey Laurence are sharing the duties. Stephanie is seeing students at Boularderie Elementary, Sydney Mines Junior High, Memorial High School, Holy Angels High, Greenfield Elementary, Cusack Elementary, Brookland Elementary, Mountainview Elementary and Rankin School of the Narrows. Geoffrey is seeing students at Baddeck Academy, Riverview Rural High, Sydney Academy, Glace Bay High, St. Michael Junior High, Sherwood Park Education Centre, Malcolm Munroe Memorial Junior High, MacLennan Junior High and Breton Education Centre.

The students with the greatest need in English Second Language support are now receiving at least twice the amount of contact time with the addition of a second teacher. The schools receiving more support include Boularderie Elementary, Baddeck Academy, Glace Bay High and St. Michael Junior High. In addition, support service was implemented during the week of October 1st at Cusack Elementary, Greenfield Elementary and Mountainview Elementary.

The schedules are fully implemented with the NSISP and non-NSISP students receiving support in listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Grammar and vocabulary enhancement activities are also included during the sessions.

Mr. Laurence has had a request from one school to provide some strategies for the classroom teachers to help them support the English Second Language students in their classes. He plans to offer some preliminary strategies next week in the form of some handouts. He will offer more strategies in the days and weeks to come.


A meeting was held with the Community Liaison Officers to get an update on how things are going in each of their schools and to provide them with an opportunity to network with one another. The response from the officers and from the schools was overwhelmingly positive. Everyone seems to benefit from this liaison. Our seven Victoria County schools are currently working with an RCMP School Safety Office whom we met with in mid-September.

A small committee of school administrators from across the various levels and areas of our board has begun working on an emergency response series of checklists. We are drawing on information from various sources and are following the proposed guidelines currently being drafted by a provincial committee. Ambrose White, Sharon Johnson and Susan Kelley represent our Board on the provincial committee and are also working with this committee of principals.

We continue to work with schools on PEBS. The last of our schools will be trained this year in Halifax. Plans are underway to update our PEBS lead team and Trevor LeBlanc is planning a PEBS web-page that will be linked to the Student Services page. This will give schools quick and easy access to the many resources that Mr. LeBlanc has created and located.

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