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Financial Services Report: October 29, 2007
Published by Karen Roach [Karen Roach] on 10/30/2007 (2421 reads)
Financial Services Report: October 29, 2007
Superintendent's Report - Financial Services -Oct 29, 2007


OCTOBER 29, 2007

SAP:Attached, at the request of the Department of Education, is a letter to Darrell Youden and an attachment regarding the issues and ongoing concerns we have relative to SAP (for your information).
Formula Review 2008/09: The CFO′s are in the process of reviewing potential cost pressures for the next budget year. Information relative to salary, wages and benefits is being collected and sorted so that the incremental pressures can be quantified. Also, information on utilities, i.e. consumption, kilowatt hours, cost per unit/liter etc. is being gathered so that these cost pressures can be identified as well.

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