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Programs & Student Services Report: November 26, 2007
Published by Marjorie Graham [Marjorie Graham] on 11/28/2007 (2669 reads)
Programs & Student Services Report: November 26, 2007
Superintendent's Report - Programs & Student Services - November 26, 2007



We are reporting success in the first phase of the project to have CB-VRSB elementary schools produce an electronic provincial standardized report card. The following schools printed and distributed such a report card this term: Coxheath, Mira Road, Marion Bridge, Donkin-Gowrie, George D. Lewis and Brookland.


The Four Plus program is up and running at St. Anne′s Elementary with 18 students enrolled. The teacher is Jacqueline Pyke and the Teacher Assistant is Gina Headley. The program is now co-sponsored by CB-VRSB and the UNIA Board.


Student Services has been notified that there are two recipients of the Sheelagh Nolan Award for Excellence in Teaching from the Provincial Autism Centre in our region. The award recognizes excellence in the area of providing quality and appropriate programming for students with autism.

The first recipient is Marilyn Delaney from Brookland Elementary and the second is McLennan Junior High. Both were identified by parents in our Board as deserving of the award.

During the week of November 5, representatives from four of our schools (BEC, St. Mike′s, MacLennan and Sydney Mines Jr. High) attended a TTFM (Tell Them from Me) training session at the Mulgrave Professional Development Centre. There were 19 Accreditation schools across the province who participated in this web-based survey initiative last year. The Mulgrave session had two components – a refresher for last year′s school and an introductory session for the new schools (Sydney Mines Jr. High). The day went well, and there remains a strong interest in the continuance of this initiative which provides schools with an opportunity to gain student and teacher input on measures of student wellness, student engagement, and school climate. The planning at this stage includes a visit from Patrick Flanagan, Dr. Doug Willms′ partner in this endeavour from The Learning Bar.


The primary means of assessing student reading at the early elementary grade levels is through the use of running records. In the fall of the school year, our two Reading Recovery lead teachers would facilitate a workshop for teachers who needed support in using these records to assess student learning so as to plan for instruction. Unfortunately, the need for support has always been greater than the two lead teachers could logistically manage. This fall, however, twelve Reading Recovery teachers have offered after-school support at their school-based sites on an ongoing basis. Teachers (family of schools) in the geographic area could attend the Running Records professional development opportunity locally. Consequently, the sessions facilitated by these teachers have been very well received and attended with the number of teachers receiving Running Records PD more than doubling. (Substitute teachers have also been attending the sessions.)

Teachers hired this year (new to the profession) have been receiving mentoring and coaching through our S.T.E.P. (Supporting Teachers Entering the Profession) Program. Maxine Hardy, our New Teacher Mentor, works closely with the new teachers offering guidance and support in a number of ways:

- Creating teacher growth plans/portfolios

- Arranging mentors for new teachers

Classroom visits:

Three to four new teachers visit an experienced teacher′s classroom for a morning to observe what is taking place. The lead mentor( Maxine Hardy) accompanies the new teachers. In the afternoon, the new teachers, experienced teacher, and lead mentor debrief and have conversations around what was observed and how this might impact their own classrooms.

Mentors visit the new teachers′ classrooms to do demo lessons, help with the general set-up/management of the classroom, observe the new teacher as he/she facilitates lessons, and provide constructive feedback to the teacher.

An online portal - new teachers can log on at specific pre-arranged times;

PD Workshops - five workshops are offered throughout the year on the following topics: Curriculum, Assessment, Classroom Management, Classroom Climate / Teaching for Diversity, Instructional Strategies.


School Security: Schools continue to work on their school security plans. We met with all principals of schools in Victoria County and Cst. Ryan Lewis of the RCMP who is the School Security Resource Officer for those schools. Schools are working with Ryan on the RCMP′s ′SAFE′ plan. We also had a meeting with the CLO′s who are working in our schools. The Security Committee met to continue work on the Emergency Checklist for Administrators.

Sport NS Youth Leadership Initiative: Ten of our elementary schools will be part of a Youth Leadership initiative with Sport NS and Community Services. An information session is planned early in December with Sport NS and these schools.


Cape Breton-Victoria Regional Science/Technology Fair – Plans are underway for the Regional Science/Technology Fair in March 2008. The winners of this fair will be going to Ottawa in May 2008. Each year more and more schools are registering for the Science/Technology Fair.

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