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PSS Report November 2007
Published by Marjorie Graham [Marjorie Graham] on 01/21/2008 (4017 reads)
PSS Report November 2007


Lynn Crawford, Coordinator

Mi′kmaq Education Consultant

Consultant Sheldon Googoo attended the Treaty Day celebrations in Halifax to begin Mi′kmaq History Month. Mr. Googoo enjoyed the celebrations and appreciated the opportunity to network with other Mi′kmaq educators and community leaders.

A Mi′kmaq history month package was distributed to principals to share with teachers. The package was provided to assist with incorporating Mi′kmaq heritage into the curriculum. Several teachers used the package and contacted Mr. Googoo to obtain names of guest speakers. Mr. Googoo also conducted presentations at Rankin School.

During the month Mr. Googoo continued seeking valuable materials that will be an asset to our Board. He has maintained regular contact with Mi′kmaq students and the teachers of the students. He has been a great asset with creating a stronger link between the Eskasoni community and our Board.

The Cape Breton Post (October 24th) featured a nice article on Mr. Googoo as the new Mi′kmaq consultant with the Board.

Student Support Workers (SSW)

A highlight for SSW this month was October 19th ; as they took grades 7-10 African Nova Scotian Students to Truro for the Erik Cork writing workshop. The workshop was titled-Rap, Rhythm and Rhyme: Rebuilding the Writing Foundation . Mr. Cork focused on the basic elements of writing while incorporating music, humor and drama. The workshop was sponsored by the Black Educators Association.

The feedback from the students was excellent, and they are already looking at writing in a different light. The students in attendance came from all communities and developed new friendships. The Student Support Workers recommend Erik Cork as a possible presenter for our Board.

Susan Kelley worked with Ms. Crawford to provide transportation for students to attend this session in Truro.

A provincial in-service was held for SSW on October 11th and 12th in Halifax. The feedback was very positive.

The Student Support Workers continue to meet with students on a regular basis. They speak to teachers to ensure students remain on track. They provide assistance in conducting some home visits and arranging meetings with principals and parents. They assist in dealing with racial incidents.

The SSW met with community committees to work on several initiatives to support students with community development and self-esteem. They are looking forward to working with schools and the African Nova Scotia Affairs Department, who have received funding from the ArtSmart program for Fine Arts initiatives.

RCH Coordinator

Four Plus

The Four Plus Program continues to be a challenge. Contact has been made with Mr. Reddick and Tracey Cameron. We are scheduled to meet on Thursday October 25, 2007. It is our hope to have the program started on November 5, 2007.


  • October 5th attended Dennis Sparks session.
  • October 11th and 12th I attended the provincial Student Support Workers In-service.
  • On October 24th assisted with providing in-servicing to 20 grade six teachers and CBU Education students on Holocaust Education. The feedback was very positive.
  • October 25th attended an in-service with Mr. Deryk Houston as a presenter. Mr. Houston is a well known artist who addresses Civil and Human Rights through the arts.
  • October 26th , In-serviced SSW, and revisited the two day Halifax session.

Committee Involvement

Ms. Crawford attended meetings for the following committees during the month of October:

Multicultural Education Council of Nova Scotia (MECNS), Cape Breton Regional Municipality Human Rights and Affirmative Action Committee, and African Nova Scotian Community Members working with African Nova Scotian - Focus Group.


Rick Simm , Coordinator

The ‘Instructional Support Team’, consisting of Sheila Kublek, Bill Tenant, Dorothy Tenant and Rick Simm, meets on a weekly basis for discussion and planning of instructional support/technology initiatives. The Team report follows.

Assistive Technology Consultant (Sheila Kublek)

The first Assistive Technology Assessment Team meeting was held this month. The team welcomed new members Susan Henderson, Barb Morrison, Anita Mac Donald, Natasha Dalton, Kelly Roberts and Gina Stelmach. Our fist session together as a team allowed us to share information, protocols and personal experiences with assistive technology. As well, we were able to develop and compile professional development modules for various assistive technology software. We are very fortunate to have our experienced team members to act as mentors with our new additions. We look forward to a challenging and rewarding year in assistive technology.

Within the past month three assistive technology assessments were performed. These assessments resulted in the placement of assistive technology software and hardware, including a personal laptop computer. Various schools have received consultations regarding assistive technology hardware / software and its implementation into the learning environment. Many schools received upgraded computers through CFS (Computers For Schools).

The highlight of the month was getting the opportunity to attend the Closing The Gap Conference. During the four day conference I was able to attend workshops with Cambian Learning′s professional development consultants to experience and explore the new USB Kurzweil and Classroom Suite 4.

These workshops were conducted in small and intimate sessions which provided a wealth of information and training.

Of all the presentations attended, the most useful was a ‘sharing session’ with two presenters from British Columbia. They provided all attendees with a Treasure Chest of Free Software.

Throughout the duration of the conference there were large exhibits with various vendors displaying their wares. Ms. Kublek gained first hand experience in the latest and greatest in the field of assistive technology. A great many of the vendors were displaying updated augmentative communication devices. This information will be helpful to Nancy Robinson, an SLP with our board, who just received $5000.00 in grant money to purchase augmentative communication devices for use with students in the Cape Breton Victoria Regional School Board.

A professional development workshop was held on Friday October 26th for teacher assistants within our Board. Teacher Assistants were provided an opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills in the area of Assistive Technology and how the technology can support students in their learning.

PD Consultant (Bill Tennant)

Principals continued to make requests for help with their school web pages. A number of school web pages have been updated and training was provided for onsite teachers in the how to setup and maintain their school web site.

Planning for upcoming PD for Grades 10 teachers and other IEI integration initiatives in the coming months is ongoing. A different approach in regard to teacher pull-outs is in the works. Onsite PD for integration of technology will be the main focus.

In order to meet the needs of classroom technology integration, school visits are necessary to provide coaching or mentorship. It is the intention that all junior high and senior high schools will be visited to provide such support in technology integration.

Other PD plans for Multimedia Mac training are also in the works for November and December. These plans are in the initial stages at this point but it is proposed to bring 15 classroom teachers together at Mount Carmel for in-depth multimedia training using I- Macs. Also, planning for the Instructional Support Tech Lead Teachers is in the works. On November 2 and 9, a lead technology teacher from each school P to 9 will attend a workshop engaging them in various teaching techniques and classroom management strategies while integrating technology to achieve curriculum outcomes.

IEIE Consultant (Dorothy Tenant)

Preparations and plans were started for IEI workshop sessions that will be held during the month of November. Most of the month has been spent working with high schools on the grade 10 IEIE hardware rollout plan and software acquisitions. SAP work orders for the placement of computers, other hardware orders, tables, wiring (both AC and computer drops) have been entered into the system.

The following hardware placements have been determined:

  • 114 IEIE desktops
  • 40 IEIE laptops
  • 2 laptop carts
  • 26 printers
  • 11 digital cameras
  • 82 computer tables

Our hardware budget was less this year so IEIE computers were supplemented with CFS computers to meet some of the shortfall.

High schools have been given curriculum related software budgets and they have returned software orders that have been collated. Specific software placement directives will be sent to the Technology Center in Marion Bridge for the technicians to upload to computers (laptops and desktops) before they are sent to the individual high schools.


Brenda MacIsaac, Coordinator

Literacy Consultant P-6, Donna Robson

Board - ( Primary Common Assessments)

Primary teachers have completed the common assessment and forwarded the data to Donna Robson. A team composed of primary teachers, reading recovery lead teachers and literacy mentors will review the data. In January, there will be a meeting of primary teachers to review the results, analyze the assessment and determine how the results can inform classroom practice.

TIA (Teachers in Action)

Liaison teachers were inserviced on the document, and as part of the session they were taken to the Florence site to see a virtual perspective.

LIFT – (Literacy Initiative for Teachers)

It is very encouraging to see the manner in which our sites are embracing this initiative. LIFT is all about collaborating. The third year plans that are currently in action are a testament to the resourcefulness and commitment of our schools to student achievement.

PULS – (Promoting Understanding for Lifelong Success)

The newly created community learning center housed at Florence school has been extremely busy over the last couple of weeks. Although we are not officially opened, there has been a considerable amount of professional traffic to the site. A liaison teacher from each school attended an afternoon session in Florence. They were provided with a guided tour of the classrooms and then had an opportunity to explore and confer. The staff at Harbourside and Mountainview Elementary Schools took the initiative to come equipped with cameras and note pads. Practitioners were happy to write their comments on their visit to each model classroom. The teacher wrote: ‘This is a place of empowerment for teachers.’ On Friday October 26, Provincial Conference Day, the site was open for teachers to drop by to view.

Mentors – Literacy mentors are providing sites with support. Many classroom teachers have expressed their support for having the opportunity to meet and confer with a mentor.

Mathematics Consultant P-6, Sharon Boudreau

October Review:

Early Elementary Mathematics Literacy Assessments

The results of this assessment which grade three students took in June are expected in November.

Grade Four Support Plans

Grade four teachers will create support plans for students identified by the assessment as not yet meeting expectations. Resource teachers will support the teachers. Day one of the four-day professional development sessions has been completed. Participants included all grade four teachers, upper elementary resource teachers as well as mentors. As part of the day two in-service, the teachers will work on the support plans for their students.

PRIME (Professional Resource and Instruction for Mathematics Educators)

PRIME is a research-based professional learning initiative using a developmental approach. Elementary resource teachers and math mentors will receive kits and three days of PRIME training. The main purpose is to support grade four teachers in their implementation of the support plans for students identified as not yet meeting expectations. This training will assist resource teachers in working with all struggling math students and will commence early in November. The three pilot schools for this program (Mountainview, Cape Smokey, and MacDonald Elementary) have begun the training. The response was overwhelmingly positive, as it was across the province.

Parent Information Night

On Monday, October 22 at Brookland School; Tuesday, October 23 at Glace Bay School; and Wednesday, October 24 at St. Joseph School, Sydney Mines, sessions were held to inform parents about the new math strategies. We will explain how and why math has changed as well as have centers showing how children are now learning. Parents were provided an opportunity to see how and why math has changed and to experience how children are now learning by visiting various centers.

November Plans:

Grade Four Support Plans

The second professional development day for support plans will be held at Brookland, Boularderie, and Glace Bay Elementary Schools. Participants include grade four teachers, resource teachers as well as mentors.


Mountainview, Cape Smokey, and MacDonald Elementary Schools will continue their piloting of the program. Upper elementary resource teachers and mentors will receive one day of training.

After School Module

An after school module will be provided for interested grade three teachers. There will be three sessions, each running from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. at Brookland Elementary School.

Arts Education Consultant, Cathy MacNeil

MusiCan, the national music education charity of the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS), celebrated International Music Day on October 1 by announcing the names of this year′s Canadian public schools that will receive a Band Aid musical instrument grant. Whitney Pier Memorial Jr. High is one of fifty schools across Canada selected to receive the $10,000 grant which will be used ‘to replace aged and broken instruments to help keep music alive in their school.’ These grants enable students to participate in music programs and realize their music potential. Congratulations to music teacher, Keli Brewer, for leading the application process.

Students from Sydney River Elementary, now attending Malcolm Munroe Junior High and involved in the artistic exchange with students from Scotland, met Deirdre Nelson, the art teacher who collaborated on this project with CBVRSB art teacher, Nancy McLean, when she visited Cape Breton during the week of October 22.

The conference, Taking Flight Through the Arts , presented by ATA, EDANS and NSMEA, took place at Baddeck Academy on Oct. 25, 26, and 27 and featured many fine clinicians from across Canada. To support the integration of arts activities to meet curricular outcomes, a strand of sessions was included to appeal to classroom teachers.

Mira Road Elementary and Rankin School of the Narrows have been awarded program grants from the Department of Education, providing students with opportunities to learn the Gaelic language.

Historica Fair 2008

The Ninth Annual CBVRSB Regional Historica Fair will take place on May 1-2, 2008, at Cape Breton University. Students will be involved in researching and presenting a project which focuses on a historical aspect of Canada or their community.

Reading Recovery® Teacher Leaders

Paula Muise & Susan MacDonald

October started off with our LIFT professional development day at Shipyard Elementary School on October 1. Year two schools (Greenfield, Glace Bay and Bras d′Or) as well as our new schools (Sydney River, Coxheath, St. Mary′s/St. Joseph′s North Sydney, and Mountainview) attended this session. Our content included an overview of the LIFT initiative, an overview of Reading Recovery lessons, scaffolded writing, moving into level three books, and analyzing running records to inform our teaching.

The training group had two inservice sessions this month (October 9 & 23) and Susan MacDonald has completed initial visits to all teachers in training at their schools. November visits to the teachers in training are already scheduled to observe them teaching lessons with children. Susan continues to work with two children daily at Shipyard Elementary School

Paula Muise met with each Ongoing Professional Development group once this month (October 17 & 18) and has also made school visits.

Susan and Paula both attended a Consultant Meeting on October 10 and will be chairing the first meeting in November. They also attended their first Atlantic Canada Reading Recovery Teacher Leader Professional Development Meeting this year held on October 25 in Halifax. Special guest at this meeting was Dr. Carol Lyons. Susan and Paula also attended the Provincial ATEC Conference on October 26th .

Library Services Consultant, Carmelita Cousins

Halloween Story Reading

Schools have requested assistance with providing some Halloween readings during the last three days of the month. Once again, Carmelita Cousins will dress in costume and visit the children to promote reading for fun!


Library Technicians are comfortably settled into both existing as well as new positions in schools throughout the Board. The casual Library Technicians List has also been replenished following a series of interviews conducted by School Board Administration.

New Resource :

The ‘Be Cool’ series of VHS tapes and kits has been added to the Resource Center. These tapes and kits are valuable tools to teachers as they assist in topics such as bullying, mentoring and stress management.


David Crane , Coordinator

Cape Breton Regional Science and Technology Fair

The Science Fair Committee is working on plans for this year′s Cape Breton Regional Science and Technology Fair.

English Language Arts (7-12), Diane Brennick, Consultant

October has been an extremely busy month in English language Arts at the secondary level. We were involved with the Raise a Reader project in conjunction with the Cape Breton Post. A number of our students and staff participated and found it to be a very positive experience.

The Literacy Success 11 team went to the implementation in Halifax and found the three days very valuable. The resources for teachers and students will be sent out to the schools shortly. A board wide in-service based on these three days will be presented in February.

The grade 12 English teachers were in-serviced on the NSE English 12. They reviewed and discussed protocols and marking.

A day was also held for the grade nine ELA teachers regarding outcomes and outcomes based
exams. A team will be formed to work on process exams linked to outcomes.

Nutrition for Learning, Debbie Madore, Dietitian

Application for Health Promoting Schools is ready to be sent out to schools.

The Provincial Health Promoting Schools Committee is planning a Spring Showcase, presently meeting via teleconference.

Riverside Breakfast Program adoption has been renewed by JC Marine.

Schools visited to review food policy include: Brookland, Riverside, Harbourside, Greenfield.

Ms. Madore made a presentation to Rotary in New Waterford. They provided a donation of $1400 to breakfast programs.

Provincial Breakfast funding has been received. A total of $91,875 can be used to support programs for P-12, not just P-6.

Funding in the amount of $30,625 to support the food policy has also been received.

Active Healthy Living, Mary Lou Andrea, Consultant

Mary Lou Andrea attended the two day workshop with Dennis Sparks on Leading for Results on October 4th and 5th .

The Active Healthy Living Consultant′s School Visits included the schools North of Smokey, as well as George D. Lewis, Mira Road, Riverside, Jubilee, Florence, Dr. T.L Sullivan, Ashby, and Holy Angels.

Ms. Andrea participated in the Walk to School day at Jubilee as well as spoke to the parents and staff at a general assembly afterwards.

Ms. Andrea continues her work with staff on the Doctors Nova Scotia Youth Run and Health Promoting School initiatives. She also attended the Heart and Stroke Walk About Launch held at the Civic centre in Sydney.

Ms. Andrea is working with Human Resource Services staff to plan professional development for secretaries and teacher assistants.

Community-Based Learning (O2 ), Rhonda Smith, Consultant

The O2 schools are planning an ‘O2 Family Orientation Night’ for the grade 10 and 11 O2 students and their families. The goals of the night are to provide an informal information session to engage families in the school life of their child, to provide information about the O2 program, work placements, NSCC, and to respond to any questions or concerns.

This session will involve the O2 teachers, administrators, Community-Based Learning Consultant, NSCC College Prep., and Guidance Counsellors.

The Department of Education has contracted two Co-operative Education mentors to assist the O2 schools and Co-op Ed schools across the province with their co-op program and placements. Rob Murray is assigned to the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board. This year, in addition to the three O2 schools, the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board has three schools who will offer the Co-op credit in grade 11 and 12; Memorial High School, Sydney Academy (2nd semester) and Holy Angels (2nd semester).

Candace Carnahan, spokesperson for Worker′s Compensation ‘Young Worker′s Awareness Project’, will deliver her presentation to six of our high schools November 6-9.The presentations are specific to awareness and prevention of workplace injury to young workers. Candace lost a limb while working on a summer job and her message of the importance of workplace health and safety is very powerful.

The teachers of the O2 and Co-op Education schools met with the Community-Based Learning Consultant on October 31 at the Northside Staff Development Centre. It was an opportunity to share experiences, review resources and to obtain some Professional Development sessions.

Mathematics (7-12), Arlene Andrecyk, Consultant

On October 9 and 10 all grade 7 math teachers, French and English, participated in a geometry workshop that focused on Chapter 7 of the new grade 7 textbook. Sharon McCready, Mathematics Strategy Consultant, Department of Education, facilitated the in-service. Teachers were engaged in hands on activities. The feedback was very positive. After the workshop, teachers expressed a greater comfort level with the content, manipulatives and instructional strategies.

Arlene Andrecyk, Math Consultant, led a discussion on student assessment.

Teachers were encouraged to use the junior high mentors in the board if they wanted more support with setting up and delivering the math curriculum.

The Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board and NSCC, Marconi Campus, are working together to develop an information packet for students to increase their knowledge of the NSCC Programs available to students based upon the math courses they take in high school.

Teachers in the Math Departments at Riverview High School and Malcolm Munroe Junior High each met with Arlene Andrecyk for one school noon hour. Each meeting was an informal session in which the teachers had an opportunity to meet with the math consultant and discuss the delivery of the math curriculum. Teacher comments, suggestions and concerns could be raised at this time.

The first Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board Math League Game will take place on November 17, 2007 at CBU.

Nova Scotia International Student Program, Tammy Sampson, Manager

October is an exciting month for the Nova Scotia International Student Program! Students are preparing for Halloween celebrations as it will be a first time experience for most of our students!

Our seven students who took part in the Nova Scotia International Student Program Toronto-Niagara Falls cultural trip October 3rd – 8th report that they had a great trip. Tammy Sampson accompanied the 50 Nova Scotia International Student Program students on the trip as lead chaperone. Some of the highlights were visits to the CN tower, Medieval Times, and Canada′s Wonderland.

We have had some agents visiting our schools, host families and students during the past week.

David Crane has recently returned from a promotional tour of Colombia as a representative for the Nova Scotia International Student Program. There is a great deal of interest for short term projects.

Tammy Sampson is currently working in collaboration with other Nova Scotia International Student Program staff members to create a power point on ‘Creating a Successful Homestay Program’ which they will present at the CEC conference in November.

The NSISP in collaboration with the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board International Student Program staff have completed the school profiles that will be used to promote our schools. They are currently being edited.

The NSISP has presented all participating schools with Nova Scotia International Student Program banners and certificates in honour of the 10 year anniversary celebration.

Plans are underway for a cultural trip to Halifax. Fifty of our students have signed up for the trip which will take place November 2nd – 4th , 2007.

Sydney Academy : The trip around the Cabot Trail went well. Students enjoyed a day of hiking.

Riverview : The annual Cabot Trail/ Ingonish hiking-sightseeing excursion in October was enjoyed by all.

BEC: Cultural Trip: Irene Grezel took students to Fright Night on October 19th , 2007 at the Wild life park in Mira.

Holy Angels: Staff took the girls on an excursion to the Miner′s Museum on Friday, October 12th , 2007.

Vocational Education, Ken Collier, Consultant

Students from the Electrical and Plumbing Programs had the opportunity to tour the Tesma Manufacturing Plant in the Northside Industrial Park on Monday, October 15/07. This tour gave students the opportunity to see the manufacturing process take place, and also see how this may apply to their particular trade, as well as explore job opportunities with Magna International.

Cooking Instructor Judy Hillman and her students are busy planning for their annual Christmas Fruitcakes fundraiser. Funds realized from this event assists students in the Skills Nova Scotia Competitions.

Plans are under way to host some of the secondary Nova Scotia Skills competitions at our school. We presently plan on hosting competitions in Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing, Motor Vehicle Repair, Radio and Television Broadcasting, and Graphic Design. The dates of the competitions are still to be determined.

We are very pleased to announce that our Electrical Instructor, Mr. Kent Brewer, was selected to participate in the Worldwide Innovative Teachers Conference in Philadelphia Helsinki, Finland through a program called Partners in Learning. ‘Partners in Learning’ is a $250 million dollar (U.S.) global program to support educators′ use of technology within the curriculum. In addition to the conference, teachers will tour Microsoft′s School of the Future in Finland, as well as take part in a competition.

Training under the direction of Mr. Charles Colson is ongoing. To date, 31 students have completed training in First Aid/CPR, 82 students in Safety Orientation, and 75 students in WHMIS.

Three students from our Radio and Television Broadcasting Program will be working at the Disco Ball Dance at the Membertou Trade and Convention Center later this month. This event gives students the opportunity to perform in a real life work setting, as well as showcase the talents that these students have learned.


David Brennick , Coordinator

French Second Language, Laurie MacIntosh, Consultant

The five grade six Intensive Core French (grade six) sites continue to attract positive attention and visitors from around the province. On November 15, Celeste Foisy-Lahey's class at Riverside Elementary will be visited by Anne Curry (Coordinator of French, Chignecto-Central Regional School Board) as well as Connie Lefort and Helen Anderson, Principal and teacher at
Uniacke School. On November 22, Nancy MacLeod and Florence Roach (French Consultants,
Annapolis Valley Regional School Board) will also spend the morning visiting with Celeste and
her Intensive French students.

The provincial Intensive French inservice has been rescheduled for December 14th at
Harbourside Elementary.

Anne Baccardax, Director of French Language Services, Nova Scotia Department of Education, will be visiting our board on November 19th and 20th.

David Brennick and Laurie MacIntosh will be meeting with French teachers and Department Heads during the month of November.

Laurie MacIntosh, French Consultant, has recently returned from Richmond, British Columbia, where she attended workshops at the Canadian Association of Immersion Teachers' conference. Laurie will share the knowledge and resources gathered at the conference with her French immersion colleagues of the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board.

A Bilingual Career Exploration Day will take place on November 16th at the Membertou
Trade and Convention Centre. This event, organized by Canadian Parents for French, will
offer our junior and senior High French students an opportunity to learn about the industry
sectors and companies which require bilingualism, or where knowledge of French is a career
asset. It will also help generate stronger links between Nova Scotians, the community at
large, and the business world.

LifeWork Portfolio

Two one-day workshops have been scheduled as part of ongoing efforts to implement the LifeWork Portfolio. One day is for grade eight PDR teachers, and the other is for grade nine teachers. Guidance Counsellors of the junior high schools will also be involved in these sessions, in order to familiarize them with this resource.


Cathy Viva , Coordinator

The Cape Breton Victoria Regional School Board speech department won the Public Awareness and Media Award for 2007 for the Speech and Hearing calendar that the department published in May of 2007. The department was presented with a certificate and a $75 cheque at the Speech Pathology Audiologist Association annual meeting on Friday, October 26, 2007.

Kelly Roberts, a speech language pathologist with our Board, won the Innovation in Program Development Award for her work on her ′Lending Library for Parents’. She was also presented with a $75 cheque.

The Lead Team for Co-teaching presented at the ATEC conference in Halifax on October 26, 2007. The presentation was well-received with lots of questions and requests for support.

The Lead Teams in Student Services are in the process of developing modules to offer to schools for professional development.

The Lead teacher for PEBS/Behavior attended a training session on ‘Non-Violent Crisis Intervention’ for students with Autism. He will now be able to train teachers within our region.


Susan Kelley, Acting Coordinator

A meeting was held with the Community Liaison Officers to get an update on how things are going in each of their schools and to provide them with an opportunity to network with one another. The response from the officers and from the schools was overwhelmingly positive. Everyone seems to benefit from this liaison. Our seven Victoria County schools are currently working with an RCMP School Safety Office whom we met with in mid-September and a follow-up meeting was also held with CST. Lewis to discuss the RCMP ′Safe Plan′ and implications for our schools.

A small committee of school administrators from across the various levels and areas of our Board has begun working on an emergency response series of checklists. We are drawing on information from various sources and are following the proposed guidelines currently being drafted by a provincial committee. Ambrose White, Sharon Johnson and Susan Kelley represent our Board on the provincial committee and are also working with this committee of principals. A recent SIP workshop in Halifax on Risk and Threat Assessment was attended.

Work continues with schools on PEBS. The last of our schools will be trained this year in Halifax. Plans are underway to update our PEBS lead team and Trevor LeBlanc is planning a PEBS web-page that will be linked to the Student Services page. This will give schools quick and easy access to the many resources that Mr. LeBlanc has created and located.

A meeting was held with Mark Smith of Sport Nova Scotia regarding involvement of our board in the Youth Leadership Program. The goal of this program is to assist youth between the ages of 18 and 30 to develop marketable skills through the delivery of sport and recreational activities to children and youth. This program involves a mentorship with physical education teachers and administrators.

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