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Highlights of the Regular Board Meeting, February 26, 2007
Published by Norma Baxter [Norma Baxter] on 01/25/2008 (2717 reads)
Highlights of the Regular Board Meeting, February 26, 2007

Glace Bay Elementary, Glace Bay, NS

Highlights of the Regular Board Meeting, February 26/07

  • Rankin Home and School Association, the Rankin School Advisory Council and community members met with the Board to request the re-instatement of the fourth school bus servicing the students of Rankin School of the Narrows;

  • A two-person review committee has been appointed to review the sections of both the Education Act and the Educational Act Ministerial Regulations as well as the Regional School Board′s policies dealing with permanent school closures;

  • The Board will be meeting with the local M.L.A.′s from the Cape Breton-Victoria constituencies, to make them aware of the more complex environment in which the regional board has to manage the systems within their responsibility. The needs of students are more specialized with increasingly more onus placed on the school system to deliver educational outcomes. One of the first priorities that Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board will be asking our M.L.A.′s is to urge the Government of Nova Scotia to act in respect to the continued support for $30 million dollars for program services in addition to the normal budget allocation. It was the Nova Scotia School Boards Association that advocated the $150 million over the span of five years. Over the last two years, the Department of Education provided the investment of $30 million a year, but did not commit to the five year phase. It is the Board′s hope that our regional M.L.A.′s would see this as a commitment to our Regional Board.

  • Another area of concern is the Board′s anticipated new school construction in North Sydney and Glace Bay; and the Board′s continued support of the new budget process introduced by the Department of Education from the Hogg Formula implementation.

  • CBVRSB Data Manager, Jim MacNeil, plays a key role in maintaining the school websites and the Board website. He has developed the Junior High Homework project and several web-based calendars and schedulers for staff. Online applications for voluntary lists and long-term positions were developed. The teacher substitution list was made available to principals online.

  • The Finance Department have begun the process of costing teacher FTE′s. They are still very much in the gathering of information stage, but hopefully they will get some momentum going on this front during the first to second week of March.

  • Memorial Composite High is continuing to receive new equipment for their Vocational Programs, and students and staff are quickly setting up this equipment and are eagerly using it. All of this equipment is expected to arrive at the school by the end of March. Also, Memorial High will be hosting the regional competition for the Radio and TV Broadcasting component in early March.

  • The transition to the new HR/SAP Payroll system is continuing. Departmental meetings at both the local and provincial level are being held to address concerns.

  • The Human Resource Services Department is continuing to work on the new initiative for substitute callout. This new system would provide advantages to both substitutes as well as administrators.

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For more information, contact Superintendent of Schools, Ed Davis, at (902) 564-8293

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