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Financial Services Report: February 25, 2008
Published by Karen Roach [Karen Roach] on 02/26/2008 (2662 reads)
Financial Services Report: February 25, 2008
Superintendent's Report - Financial Services -February 25, 2008


FEBRUARY 25, 2008

Hogg Formula:

The Education Funding Committee have been meeting regularly since October 2007. The committee has wrapped up its deliberations for this year and will be presenting its findings to the ECF on February 28, 2008. While in all probability the formula will stay in its present form for 2008-09 you are reminded that there was and will continue to be challenges to the various formula components.

We are particularly vulnerable with respect to the student decline and classroom supplement protection.

The committee was reminded of the demographics that existed and still exist today relative to the rapid decline in enrollment for our Board and the Strait Board. Mr. Hogg recognized that protection was necessary in order for this formula to respond to these Board′s funding needs.


T-4's for all our teaching and non-teaching staff and Board members were mailed last week. I wish to acknowledge the efforts of Nancy Costigan, Charmaine Sampson and the rest of the staff in Finance and Accounting for meeting all the prescribed time lines.

Their respective knowledge and experience has served us well in this process.


A very worthwhile meeting was held last week with representatives from the Department of Education/Payroll Services (John Fahie, Craig MacDonald and Sheila Landry). In attendance as well were key representatives from our Payroll and HR Department. This was a great opportunity to air our concerns and layout a meaningful road map to solving some of our major issues.

The issues tabled were as follows:

  1. Pay Advances (for CUPE Employees).
  2. Johnson Insurance.
  3. Web Based ROE for N. S. Teachers Union Employees.
  4. Resource Pressures Regarding ASOP.
  5. Five Year Bump.
  6. Off Cycles.
  7. Reporting.
  8. Request for Attendance Code.

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