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Programs & Student Services Report: February, 2008
Published by Marjorie Graham [Marjorie Graham] on 02/27/2008 (2462 reads)
Programs & Student Services Report: February, 2008
Superintendent's Report - Programs & Student Services - February, 2008


Electronic Report Card

Rick Simm, Coordinator of Program Services – Instructional Support reports success in the second phase of the project to have CB-VRSB schools produce an electronic provincial standardized report card. The following schools, through the implementation of the new student information System program, called ‘Outcomes’, will print and distribute such a report card second term. The schools are Greenfield Elementary, Riverside Elementary, Bridgeport (grade P-9), Baddeck (grade P-12) and Southside Learning Centre.

In the first phase of this project, Coxheath Elementary, Mira Road Elementary, Marion Bridge Elementary, Brookland Elementary, Donkin-Gowrie (grade P-9) and George D Lewis (grade P-9) were successful.

All secondary and the above listed elementary schools are producing an electronic report card. It is possible for all schools to do so by next year.’


The Nova Scotia International Student Program Orientation took place on February 22, 2008. Students received rules and regulations of the Program. This semester, there are 61 students.

Student Services Sessions

On February 5, teachers from our schools, in student services positions, attended various sessions on non-violent crises intervention, using visual schedules, making the assessment-instruction connection, and transitioning and assistive technology.

Work continues on preparation for the parent conference day on March 29th. Brochures have been distributed and responses have begun to come in. Thirty –four sessions have been offered as well as information kiosks and publishers′ displays.

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