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Human Resource Services Report: March, 2008
Published by Mary MacNeil [MaryM] on 04/01/2008 (2959 reads)
Human Resource Services Report: March, 2008

Superintendent′s Report

Human Resource Services

March 2008

Violence in the Workplace Regulations made under Section 82 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act

On April 4, 2007, new Regulations under the Occupational Health and Safety Act were approved. These Regulations entitled, ‘Preventing Violence in the Workplace’, focus on the prevention of violence in high risk sectors. The Regulations have a two-part phase in. By October 4, 2007 , a risk assessment to be completed in all our worksites; by April 4, 2008 , a set of violence prevention plans to deal with the risks identified in the assessment were to be developed. .

Under these Regulations, violence is defined as:

(a) ‘threats, including a threatening statement of threatening behavior that gives an employee reasonable cause to believe that the employee is at risk of physical injury’;

(b) Conduct or attempted conduct of a person that endangers the physical health or physical safety of an employee.

Our Board staff has been working very diligently to meet the requirements of the Regulations. To date, all Risk Assessments have been completed and the accompanied plans have been developed. The Prevention Plans have been reviewed by Senior Management and various Committees in preparation of presentation to school principals as soon as possible. Staff and members of the Board′s Health and Safety Committee have attended workshops sponsored by the Department of Labour through the Nova Scotia Community College dealing with this topic.

Attendance Management Policy :

Development of the Attendance Management Policy continues and will be reviewed and critiqued by HR staff.

Attendance Data Management:

  • Collection of statistics relating to NSTU and CUPE absences.
  • Statistics on teacher absenteeism for sickness maintained.

Workers′ Compensation:

  • Continued communication with Eric LeFort Prevention Consultant Workers′ Compensation Board , on topic of safety in the workplace and the Priority Employer Program. Continued work on the ‘Preventing Workplace Injury Checklist/survey’
  • Maintenance of a file related to workplace injuries for non teaching employees.

Return To Work:

Meetings with injured workers and WCB case managers to facilitater an early and safe return to work. Several plans have been arranged during the month of March, 2008.

Drug and Alcohol Policies Research :

Preliminary investigation and study into feasibility of having a drug and alcohol policy for employees of the CBVRSB. This includes compiling an annotated bibliography of current articles on the topic.

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