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Superintendent's Report - June 16, 2008
Published by Karen Delaney [Karen Delaney] on 06/17/2008 (3503 reads)
Superintendent's Report - June 16, 2008

I am certain that you will be happy to know that this is the last Superintendent's Report of the academic school year, and my report will be extremely short. In fact, my report consists of two words - Thank You!

Thank you for this year that now draws to an end. Throughout these months I have come to know you as a dedicated, loyal staff, capable, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and cooperative.

Thank you for sharing. We have had problems, some of them seemingly insurmountable, but we have come through them because we have worked together, shared our frustrations and worked out solutions - together. This is primarily because our NSTU, CUPE and our confidential employees have always put the students first.

Thank you for caring. Everyday of this past year, I could walk into any school, any site facility and feel the care and concern that emanated from all corners of the regional board. The elected board, on many occasions, have commented privately and publically how they could feel the care and concern that emanated from all facets of the regional board's communities, and now we are ready to 'pack it in' for this school year and take some time to rest and rejuvenate ourselves so that we are ready to face the new challenges of the ensuing year 2008-2009.

I would sincerely hope that this summer brings to each and everyone of you the happiness and health you deserve. I will have the honour of welcoming you back in the fall when I know we will enter another school year filled with knowledge, dedication and growth. With the staff that we have in the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board, we can do no less.

My theme will be short and to the point. It is always with pride that I am able, at certain times of the year, to direct my attention to our students.

I want to say the following to you tonight because within the next week you will begin your final exam schedules and, in some cases, your final assessments for the year. When this process is finished, you will be leaving for the summer. I am aware that you may not be looking forward to the final assessments, but you certainly won't mind the summer break that will follow.

We have been together now for almost ten months and, over that time, we have grown to know each other a little better. Throughout this past year, we have grown in knowledge, faced problems, solved problems, had our share of tears & laughter and here we stand - we have come through.

Let none of us forget, however, that what we have learned and experienced during this past school year has become part of us. When you begin your summer vacation, the knowledge and experience you have gained here will go with you. It is, I am sure, a rich heritage that will add to your lives.

So, study now for your final exams and then enjoy the summer. The entire staff of the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board and our elected school board members wish you health and happiness during the days to come. Enjoy yourselves and we will see you in the fall - rested and ready for another year as great as the one we have just had.

Madame Chair, I would ask that you and other board people read the attached Superintendent's Memos section along with the comments and reports from school site administrators. You will be delighted to read the many and myriad accounts of teachers, staff celebrations & achievements.

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