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Financial Services Report: September, 2008
Published by Karen Roach [Karen Roach] on 10/03/2008 (2820 reads)
Financial Services Report: September, 2008


SEPTEMBER 29, 2008

In-Service @ School Sites

Re Time Sheets: Under the leadership of our new Payroll Supervisor, Joan Poirrier, our Payroll Clerks were directed to visit all the schools in early September to in-service school secretaries one on one on the importance of accurately completing time sheets in SAP.

This service was well received and fostered a lot of goodwill and improved relationships between the schools and the Payroll Department.

School Based Funds

(Pilot New Accounting

System): Under the direction of our Coordinator of Finance and Accounting, Sandra Burke, we are piloting a new School Based Fund software ‘KEV’ in four of our schools. The four schools who were introduced to this software in May 2008 are Sherwood Park Education Centre, Greenfield, Sydney Academy and Cape Smokey. The initial reports and feedback are encouraging and we will be looking at introducing more schools in January with full implementation in April of 2009.

The software was designed specifically for School Based Funds and is web-based. It is our hope that the software will facilitate record keeping for each of the schools, provide a consistent version of software throughout all of the schools, facilitate training and troubleshooting for the Finance Department and allow for regular monitoring of each of the school accounts by the Finance Department throughout the year.

CUPE Framework

Agreement : Charmaine Sampson, our SAP Payroll/HR Advisor, along with our Payroll and HR Department have successfully met the deadline of September 25, 2008 for processing CUPE Framework retro for all our CUPE employees. Charmaine Sampson and Joan Poirrier have logged many overtime hours to achieve this objective.

This was an enormous task and I would hate to think of where we would be if we hadn′t been led in this process by these two very capable and hard working individuals.

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