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Human Resource Services Report: September, 2008
Published by Mary MacNeil [MaryM] on 10/03/2008 (2755 reads)
Human Resource Services Report: September, 2008

Human Resource Services

Beth Macisaac, Director

Bernie MacKinnon

Coordinator of Human Resource Services

Substitute Placement System (AESOP)

A two day training seminar for administrators from central office was held on Sept.15 and 16, 2008 at the Staff Development Center in North Sydney.

A representative from Frontline Technologies in Philadelphia was on hand to provide the training. The new system is called AESOP (Automated Educational Substitute Operator). It is a system that works on-line or over the telephone system. School site administrators go into the system, create an absence from their staff and can do one of two things. He/she can ask the system to find a replacement or he/she can ask for a list of qualified, available substitutes and assign someone to the absence.

Substitutes in the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board received training on the new system in two separate sessions: Sherwood Park Education Center, Sept. 15, 2008 from 6:00 -7:30 pm and Memorial High Schoo,l Sept 16, 2008 from 6:00 -7:30 pm. All school principals and school secretaries received training on the new system on Wednesday Sept.17, 2008 at the Staff Development Center in North Sydney. The hope is to have all training completed, and all necessary information in the system for a go-live date of October 5, 2008. Both principals and substitutes have been waiting patiently for this improvement for some time, so I am pleased to offer this up-date.

Kathy Coleman


Workers′ Compensation Claims and Return to Work

The WCB is Nova Scotia′s provider of workplace injury insurance. Cape Breton Victoria Regional School Board has a focus on preventing workplace injuries and to improving the safe and timely return to work when injuries occur.

CBVRSB works in partnership with the WCB Prevention sub-committee and the Priority Employer Program to identify priorities for prevention efforts. Prevention and safety education in the workplace continues to be a focus and planning is currently underway for upcoming professional development.

In spite of best efforts at safety and prevention, there are unfortunately accidents that occur. When this happens, injured workers must report the accident immediately to the employer (supervisor) and if required get immediate medical attention. A WCB accident form is completed. Regular communication with the employer and WCB is important. These claims are managed in the HR dept.

The new return to work model engages the injured worker, the employer, the health care provider(s) and WCB very early in the treatment process. When the worker′s functional abilities match the job demands, efforts are underway to establish a safe and timely return to work plan. Several successful Return to Work plans have been developed and are put into effect.

The best way to control WCB costs is to prevent workplace injuries and help workers return to work in a safe and timely manner.

Occupational Health & Safety

Sharon Johnston

(1) Training

Emphasis again this year will be on training. With the beginning of the school year, once health and safety committees have been formed, training in the area of duties and responsibilities will take place. Training required under the various Occupational Health and Safety Regulations will take place over the course of the year.

(2) Pensions

Information sessions with the Pension representatives will again be set up this year. With the uncertainty in the market, it is important for members to check in regularly with our representatives, Rod MacGillivary and Larry Farrell.

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