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PSS Report September 2008
Published by Marjorie Graham [Marjorie Graham] on 10/06/2008 (3102 reads)
PSS Report September 2008


Rick Simm, Coordinator

As a response to increased demand, we are very happy to have recently established a second Data-Manager, Tom Baker. Tom will work closely with Jim McNeil to provide further programming services to CBVRSB.

An exciting opportunity is being provided in September at an upcoming provincial technology meeting. All regional board technology representatives (RBTs) will meet with program coordinators to discuss joint initiatives.


David Brennick, Coordinator

English Language Arts (7-12), Diane Brennick, Consultant

The completion of a new spelling initiative, P-9, will be followed up with a professional development inservice day for teachers this fall. In addition, teachers involved in the Writers in Action initiative at the Grade 7-9 level and teachers participating in Literacy Success 11 will be both inserviced in February 2008.

The format of summer school changed this summer to a program focused on skills building. The feedback on this change has been very positive and the individualized approach with students was deemed to be a success.

This promises to be an exciting year with the Writers in Action initiative moving to the high school level along with the start up of Literacy Success 12.

Community-Based Learning (O2 ), Rhonda Smith, Consultant

Options & Opportunities expanded for the 2008-09 school year to include Holy Angels High as the Board′s new O2 school. The new O2 teachers, two from Holy Angels and one from Glace Bay High, attended a two-day workshop, August 27 and 28 in Halifax where new initiatives and resources from the Department of Education for the school year were presented to new teachers and school administrators from across the province.

Holy Angels is still meeting with a couple of students and their parents regarding the program.

As of Sept.12:

Holy Angels: Grade 10 - 10

BEC: Grade 10- 8 males, 2 females
Grade 11- 11 males, 3 females
Grade 12- 11 males, 2 females

Cabot High: Grade 10 - 7 males,5 females
Grade 11 - 4 males,3 females (no grade 12's this year)
Total: 19

Glace Bay High Grade 10- 10 males, 6 females
Grade 11- 8 males, 4 females
Grade 12- 9 males
Total: 37

There are 103 O2 students.

The Department of Education will be hosting two initiatives this fall in support of Co-operative Education courses in all high schools. On October 10th , a workshop will be held in Halifax for schools presently offering Co-operative Education and for high schools who may be considering implementing a co-op program.

On October 17th , a Co-operative Education Regional Administration/Guidance information session will be held at NSCC in Port Hawkesbury. This session will provide an opportunity for high school administrators to gain information and support needed to provide Co-operative Education courses.

Mathematics (7-12), Arlene Andrecyk, Consultant

On July 24th and 25th , 2008, Heather Thomson, Colin Campbell and Arlene Andrecyk attended the Facilitator Training Program on BreakThrough Mathematics: Perspectives on Problem Solving in Halifax. This Department of Education initiative is designed to provide math leaders with instructional methods that research has shown directly impacts student achievement. These math leaders can now, in turn, use the knowledge and materials to build learning communities of secondary mathematics teachers.

On August 27th and 28th , 2008, seven senior high mathematics teachers attended the Math for the Workplace 12 Implementation Workshop in Halifax. Brenda Meery, from Glace Bay High School, was one of the facilitators at the workshop. This course is designed for students looking for a course that will support their transition to NSCC programs that require a High School Graduation Diploma.

On October 2nd and 3rd , 2008, grade 8 math teachers will attend geometry workshops at the Staff Development Centre, North Sydney to support teachers with the new geometry outcomes in the curriculum.

This year, Sean Kelloway and Paul Chiasson, from St. Michael′s Junior High School, will be piloting the new grade 9 geometry outcomes which will be provincially implemented next year.

Students from grades 7-10 in the CB-VRSB, that were not successful in mathematics in the 2007-2008 school term, had the opportunity to attend a Skills Building Program in July 2008. This program provided support to students in the specific areas that are critical for them to be successful in the next school year.

Nova Scotia International Student Program, Tammy Sampson, Manager

A total of seventy-six students (twelve returning and sixty-four new) participating in the Nova Scotia International Student Program have been welcomed to the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board. These students come from twelve countries this year including: Brazil, Colombia, China, Germany, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Mexico, Italy, The Czech Republic, The Netherlands and Japan.

In addition, we will be welcoming for the first time a group of 9 Columbian girls as part of an eight week short term program at Holy Angels High School. This reflects growth in the International Student Program.

A number of exciting events are planned for our students and host families in the upcoming months. Students have been getting to know their families, schools, and communities and homestay coordinators are hosting welcome barbeques during the month of September. The new student orientation will take place September 13-14 in Margaree.

French Second Language, Laurie MacIntosh, Consultant

A busy fall is anticipated for French Second Language teachers and students. A large number of French teachers participated in various ESL institutes and summer schools during the summer months, including those held at the Nova Scotia Department of Education, Acadia University, Istorlet (?les de la Madeleine), Université de Moncton and Centre Linguistique de Jongui?re.

Grade six Intensive Core French continues to grow with a sixth class at Greenfield Elementary School. Due to the success of Intensive Core French, two pilot Core French classes (grade 5 at Bridgeport School and grade 9 at Malcolm Munroe Jr. High) have been targeted as experimental classes to incorporate ICF teaching strategies and its literacy based approach. Laurie MacIntosh and Celeste Foisy-Lahey will be working with the teachers involved in this initiative during the first semester.

Language assistants will be arriving the week of September 8th and professional development sessions (facilitated by Laurie MacIntosh) are planned for new French second language teachers.

Riverview Rural High School has been selected as a pilot school for the DELF assessment (Dipl?me d′études en langue fran?aise). The purpose of this assessment is to give students international recognition for their accomplishments in French second language.


Cathy MacNeil, Coordinator

Mathematics Consultant P-6, Sharon Boudreau

September Review

Curriculum Review

The Department of Education has initiated a review of the Nova Scotia Mathematics curriculum to reorganize and consolidate to make it more manageable. There are three groups involved: Provincial Math Leads; Working Group, consisting of a teacher from each Board; and a Steering Committee, consisting of Math Leads, Working Group, University Professors, NSTU, and other Department of Education personnel.

Summer Academy

Our Board has held its second and third Summer Academies in August 2008. From August 11 - 14, 57 teachers took part in learning opportunities around the clustering of the grade two outcomes. The following week, August 18 - 21, 61 teachers participated in the third Summer Academy which dealt with the clustering of the grade four outcomes. The enthusiasm of the teachers was contagious. These learning opportunities were very well received and plans are now underway to offer two sessions next summer focusing on grades one and five outcomes. Presenters were Sharon Boudreau and Ron Muller.


There have been four mentor secondments: Ron Muller 100% elementary; Theresa Devoe and Tara Colbert, 60% each elementary (mornings); and Jody MacLean 50% junior high (September - January inclusive). Several additional mentors will continue to provide ongoing math support as per teacher request. Mentoring requests continue to grow.

Early Elementary Mathematics Literacy Assessment

The assessments were corrected this summer with a large number of teachers from our Board involved. The results will be available to be downloaded in October.

Grades Four Math Support Plans

There will be a professional development day for all grade four teachers. It will be a management piece and time to work on their MDRs. An additional two professional development days will be offered for new to grade four teachers.

Grades Five Math Support Plans

Students who are on MDRs from last year will continue to receive support. Grade five teachers will participate in two days of professional development on the support plans.


(PROFESSIONAL RESOURCE AND INSTRUCTION FOR MATHEMATICS EDUCATORS) PRIME is a research-based professional learning initiative using a developmental approach. Resource teachers will receive kits and three days of PRIME training. This training will assist resource teachers in working with all struggling math students. Four schools in our Board have been successful in their application to participate in the PRIME training. These schools are: Brookland, Coxheath, Cornwallis, and St Joseph, Sydney Mines.

Arts Education Consultant, Lesley Ann Andrews

Our Arts programs are getting off to a great start with students returning to class. Five of our junior high schools (Cabot High, Malcolm Munroe Memorial Junior High, Morrison Junior High, St. Michaels Junior High and Sydney Mines Junior High) will be involved in pilot programs through the Nova Scotia Department of Education this year with extra programs being offered in art, general music, and instrumental music. Teachers of these programs will be attending one-day workshop sessions with the Department of Education on September 16, 17 and 18. Adding more arts education at the junior high level is certainly welcomed. We look forward to student enrollment in our instrumental programs, including registration for our string program taking place on September 9 and 10 at Shipyard and Jubilee Schools.

Arts education teachers met on September 11 at Sherwood Park Education Centre to get reacquainted with their colleagues and to share and collaborate on the upcoming years activities. We have many new faces on our staff and we welcome them as part of our team. Our website will be updated soon with our new staff and teachers are encouraged to post news and events to our site. Having qualified substitutes available in the arts areas, particularly in instrumental music, continues to be a challenge.

Scott Boyd from the radio station ‘The Giant 101.9 FM’ presented a grant in the amount of $30,000 to the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board to be used for music programs. It is great to receive financial support to enhance our programs. Many of our teachers spent their summer being involved in professional development activities and taking courses. Many of our elementary music teachers now have specific training in Orff methodologies and this grant gives us an opportunity to help with the purchase of some equipment to support this wonderful method.

We are looking forward to a great year!

Reading Recovery - Teacher Leader / Early Literacy Consultant, Susan MacDonald

Our Reading Recovery ® teachers met on September 3 for a professional development day at Shipyard Elementary. Topics discussed included: data from the 2007-2008 school year, new Canadian norms for the Observation Survey, as well as reviewing procedures that are used in the Reading Recovery ® program.

This year there are 30 trained teachers working in the Board (one trained teacher working in Membertou). Our first two official ongoing professional days are scheduled for September 23 & 24.


Susan Kelley, Coordinator

Susan Kelley -Coordinator of Student Services, Educational Quality and Accountability

September is a busy month for schools. From this office we are providing support in a number of areas including getting ready for provincial assessments; working on accreditation/school improvement; Sports Animation/Active Healthy Living projects; Physical Education and Health curriculum support; Health Promoting Schools initiatives; Breakfast Programs; implementation of the Nutrition Policy; and School Advisory Councils.

The first provincial assessment scheduled is the Early Language Literacy Assessment for grade 3 students; then we have grade 6 students writing the Elementary Literacy Assessment. Both are written in early October.

Active Healthy Living – Mary Lou Andrea, Consultant

September started out dealing with timetable and bussing concerns in a variety of schools.

Plans are in progress for upcoming professional development for PE10 teachers in the board.

Provincial consultants meetings were attended early in September.

Priorities for the Department of Education are PE10, Health Education

P-9 framework and outcome revisions, Gender Equity and the following health education areas including - sexual health, mental and emotional health, and addiction services.

Sports Animator Report- Jim MacEachern

CBVRSB was able to offer some financial support to the Challenger Sport Volunteer Group, a group dedicated to creating physical activity and social event events to challenged students within the School Board. Funding will be used to offset costs of year long programming.

In June Sherwood Park successfully hosted its Third Annual "Junior High Boys' Baseball and Girls' Softball Festival with over three hundred students participating. Organizers were encouraged with the strong participation numbers of the junior high girls' division.

The office of the Sport Animator worked with Cape Breton Soccer Technical Director Deanno Morley in promoting Summer Soccer Camps for school children of the district.

In June with the support of resource staff and Sydney native Ashley Heffernman from Golf Nova Scotia, three technical Clinics were offered to the students of grade 5 and 6 at Marion Bridge, Cusack and Riverside School. The hope is to expand the late spring program in 2009.

PEBS/Behavior Support-Trevor LeBlanc, Lead Teacher

Student Services will be concentrating for the month of September on the following items:

All schools received the ‘PEBS’ binder that includes guides to help schools in three areas (School Wide, classroom, and individualized supports)

Development and implementation of the new Behaviour Development Program.

This program is similar to the Steps to Success program but instead of one location we are able to offer this program to the three junior high schools on the Northside.

Student Services will be actively involved with the junior high roll out of PEBS. We have been working closely with Morrison Junior High on full implementation with both staff and students.

Student services will be in-servicing schools and providing resources to help school-based Behaviour Support Teams. These teams will assist the schools in order to best meet the needs of their most challenging students.

Breakfast for Learning/Nutrition Policy/Health Promoting Schools – Debbie Madore, CB-VRSB Dietician

Breakfast programs:

A ′Thank You Breakfast′ was held on May 21, at SPEC. Turn out was slightly less than last year, possibly due to heavy rain. We served breakfast to approximately 70 people. All of the volunteers received a certificate, and enjoyed breakfast. Volunteers make the program the success that it is.

A very successful Golf Tournament in support of Breakfast for Learning was held on June 13, Bell Bay. We raised $16,000, up about $500 from last year. This annual event has become a great fundraiser and increases the awareness of the program to the business community.

Provincial Breakfast program leaders from each Board held a meeting in May. Discussions were held around provincial funding and coordination of programs.

During the month of July, meetings were held in Halifax for the Breakfast for Learning NS Council. Each year, this Council provides grant money to our board to support the Breakfast Program. Funding has in the past been from $18,000 - $25,000. Grants to Boards will be determined later in September, including the grant for CB-VRSB.

Health Promoting Schools :

The first HPS Showcase and presentation was held on May 23, Halifax. Each board had the opportunity to present what they were doing to promote Health Promoting Schools. Our board had students from Holy Angels presenting HPS through drama. It was well received by all.

Food and Nutrition Policy :

The Monitoring Tool for the Food Policy Implementation was sent out to all our Principals for completion. Feedback from Halifax on the results is still pending.

Year end reports were submitted to DOE for Breakfast Program funding, HPS funding, and Funding to support the Food Policy.

Literacy Support Report – Lyn McInnis, Literacy Support Consultant

The month of September begins with support being given to new to grade 3 teachers with the Early Language Literacy Assessment to be written September 30 – October 2.

Plans for in-servicing new to grade 3 teachers and grade 4 teachers with the development of Literacy Development Records for their students are now underway. Strategies to support reading, writing and listening skills will be the focus.

At the high school level, binders will be put together for all grade 11 teachers with their students′ individual provincial assessment results. Plans for in-servicing are also being made to support new to grade 10 teachers and grade 11 teachers in developing ‘ Whole Class Instructional Plans’ with strategies for struggling readers and writers.

LSAG meetings have begun with Janet Porter at the Department of Education.


Lynn Crawford, Coordinator

RCH Coordinator

Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School board has been successful in securing $25,000 from the African Canadian Services Division for an African Nova Scotian (ANS) Literacy Support Program. African Nova Scotian students in five elementary schools will participate in the program. Members of the ANS will be hired as reading mentors to work with the students daily. The goal of the program is to develop stronger literacy skills amongst ANS students. Training will be provided for the mentors to ensure they are using current reading strategies while working with students.

Mi′kmaq Consultant

Mr. Googoo continues to meet with members of the First Nation community of Nova Scotia, to keep an open dialogue between the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board and the community. Sheldon has been working with several students and parents to assist with their transition to Jr. High or High school.

Sheldon is also working with Provincial Mi′kmaq Dictionary Launch committee. The online dictionary will be available provide the Mi′kmaq language- word, meaning and pronunciation. The committee is working on launching the program at Sherwood Park Education Center.

Student Support Workers

The Student Support Workers have begun another year visiting schools and obtaining names of new African Nova Scotian students, and touching base with former students. They have been distributing parent consent forms outlining the role of the Student Support Worker and seeking permission to meet with the African Nova Scotian learner. This enhanced communication should help convince parents who, in the past, were reluctant in allowing their children to participate in the Student Support Worker program to reconsider.


Charles Sheppard, Coordinator

Welcome back everybody for the 2008-2009 school year. August 26th and 27th saw the second Principals′ Summer Institute held at the Inverary Inn in Baddeck, NS. This was a very successful initiative sponsored by the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board which brought system administrators and principals together for two days of strategizing and planning for the upcoming 2008-2009 school year. A special thanks goes out to the many sponsors who enabled this workshop to go on. I would also like to thank the various people in Central Office who planned and organized these two days especially Ms. Gwen Smith and Ms. Marjorie Graham who worked so hard and diligently to ensure that the two days went off without a hitch. I would also like to thank Ms. Michelle MacLeod for helping in the assembling of the principal packages. The first day of school opened without any major problems except for a few minor glitches here and there. September 11th was Anti-Bullying Day across the province with all schools in the board participating. A few of our schools made the news for their participation.

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