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Human Resource Services Report: November, 2008
Published by Mary MacNeil [MaryM] on 11/26/2008 (2464 reads)
Human Resource Services Report: November, 2008



November 24, 2008

Violence in the Workplace Seminar

On Wednesday November 21st , Vic Hanham, Sharon Johnston and Kathy Coleman attended the second Violence in The Workplace Seminar. The session was facilitated by Allan White on behalf of the NSCC, Marconi Campus. The afternoon began with an overview of the Violence in the Workplace Regulations under the OH&S Act. Topics covered during the workshop were: developing a Workplace Violence Prevention Statement, creating and carrying out a Violence Risk Assessment of the workplace(s), determining the Violence Risk (from the Assessment) and finally creating a Violence Prevention Plan for the specific workplace.

In compliance with the regulations under the OH&S Act, a Workplace Violence Prevention Statement had been approved by our Board during the 2007-2008 school year. In addition, principals and managers were in-serviced on the regulations and violence risk assessments in the fall of 2007. By late spring of 2008, workplaces completed their violence prevention plans.

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